Daily skincare routine for glowing skin

Daily skincare routine for glowing skin

The glow on our face, or lack thereof, reflects on the frame of our mind. And when there is a true glow, the personality as a whole accentuates. Gradually as the hustle culture is yielding and people glue their faces on the screens, preservation of the vital glowing skin becomes a task. However, the dermatology industry has revolutionised to make this task as easy as ABC. 

Your skin needs to be protected throughout the day, and it needs to be rejuvenated at night, and accordingly, a skincare regimen is pressing. 

Here are some steps you could refer to for your journey of following a daily skincare routine for glowing skin.  

Morning Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin:

Step 1. Application Of Suitable Cleanser.

Your face's impurities are what cause dull and acne-prone skin. Your daily skin care regimen is not complete without using a mild cleanser to get rid of dirt and excess oil from your face. Good Vibes provides a wide range of nourishing, enhancing and hydrating cleansers for all skin types that you can choose from. 

Step 2. Use A Suitable Toner For Your Skin Type (Day & Night).

A toner serves four purposes:

  • Regulating the pH of the skin
  • Removing any form of debris
  • Ensuring a uniform skin tone
  • Preparing the skin for potential product applications


Use a moisturising face toner with hyaluronic acid as an ingredient if you have sensitive skin. Use the Good Vibes toners to restore and enhance your natural glow. 

Read more about - How to choose toner according to your skin type.

Step 3. Include A Salicylic Acid Serum (Day & Night).

Essential nutrients and antioxidants are found in serums, which protect and treat your skin. For instance, a few drops of a vitamin C-rich serum can restore the sun and pollution-induced skin damage. Hyperpigmentation is a common condition in people of colour.

Vitamin-C-rich serum and other essential nutrient serums are available at Good Vibes to attain radiant skin. 

Step 4. Employ A Competent Moisturiser (Day & Night).

In the absence of a moisturiser, the skincare regimen is inadequate. A gel-based moisturiser is preferable for dry skin because it is lighter than others. This stronger formulation is required to protect against contaminants and maintain your skin's moisture.

Choose a moisturiser with salicylic acid at the Good Vibes website and get your pick. 

Step 5. Pick Out An Apt Sunscreen.

A must-have item in your skincare collection is sunscreen. Your skin is shielded from ageing and skin cancer, thanks to it. To procure radiant skin, apply sunscreen as the final step of your daily routine. We understand the importance of sunscreen, and therefore, we have devised varieties of sunscreen for all skin types at Good Vibes. 

Night Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin:


Step 1. Cleanse Your Skin Duly.

Your skincare routine should begin by removing your makeup. Makeup should be removed using micellar water or a gentle product that won't irritate your skin more. Pick a product that also removes oil-based makeup. 

Follow the toner, serum and moisturiser mentioned in the morning skincare routine.


Step 2. Apply Suitable Under-eye Cream.

Many of us ignore this area and believe that applying moisturiser will suffice. However, the skin around your eyes is thinnest and most likely to crease quickly. Choose products that contain peptides to boost hydration and fend off wrinkles and fine lines. Choose your best eye cream to get a good night’s sleep at Good Vibes. 

Step 3. Apply Well-qualified Lip Balm.

Additionally, the majority of the dirt and smog will likely land on your lips. When you wash your face, be sure also to cleanse your lips. Once they have dried, apply a lip balm to keep them moisturised all night.


Home Remedies For Glowing Skin:

The ancient nucleus of all body-related problems was the kitchen. Every ingredient found there aids in the diagnosis of some or the other health-associated plights. And therefore, looking into home remedies first becomes imperative.


1 - Turmeric:

Add a few drops of rose water to a half-teaspoon of turmeric powder and a cup of gram flour to make a smooth paste. It should be applied to your face and neck, then left on until it dries. Rinse afterwards with cold water.


2 - Besan:

Make a thick paste by combining besan (gram flour), turmeric, lemon, and curd. Apply it thoroughly to your face. Let it sit for 20 mins, and then wash it with warm water.


3 - Lemon:

To aid in skin exfoliation, lemon can be combined with honey, sugar, or coffee powder.


4 - Raw Milk:

Mix evenly to the face by combining raw milk and rose water. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.


5 - Aloe Vera:

To rapidly achieve radiant skin, use aloe vera gel either alone or in combination with honey or lemon. 


6 - Honey:

If the honey is damp, you can apply it immediately to your face and neck. Once the skin has absorbed it thoroughly, massage it for a few minutes before washing it with lukewarm water.


Q .1 - How can I glow naturally?

Ans - Home remedies are the best way to have an all-natural glow. You could make avail of combinations of a paste consisting of ingredients like Turmeric, Honey, Aloe Vera, and Gram flour. Staying hydrated and having a sound sleep will additionally aid you in attaining that pretty glowing skin. 

Q .2 - What is the secret to glowing skin? 

Ans - Following the daily skincare routine for glowing skin step-wise twice a day, as mentioned above, would suffice for you to have radiant skin. 

Q .3 - Which fruit is best for skin glow?

Ans - Oranges, apples, watermelons, and lemons are essentially consumed fruits for naturally glowing skin. 

If you follow the above-mentioned measures, you will be one step closer to having flawless skin. You can visit Good Vibes to choose from a variety of face cleansers, serums, and moisturisers. Our website serves as a one-stop shop for skincare, and hair care items.

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