What Needs To Be Done To Achieve The Perfect Bridal Glow?

Pre Bridal Skincare Routine at Home

What Needs To Be Done To Achieve The Perfect Bridal Glow?

The day you get married is definitely the day of your life you have always dreamed about as a little girl. But nothing compares itself to the nervousness one faces pre-wedding where you are quite literally overflowing with anxiety or to the endless amount of preparations that don’t seem to end until the very day.

And amidst all of this chaos, one has forgotten that your skin is feeling tired and exhausted from all this which is precisely why you need to decide your bridal skincare simultaneously as you decide the kind of flowers you want in your wedding.

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Why & When Do You Need A Pre Bridal Skincare?

Presumably, we all have a set skincare routine to ensure that our skin is well taken care of. So why is it that brides need a different skincare routine? The answer lies in the immeasurable pressure any bride faces before the festivities of her marriage have begun. It is not only the thought of looking the best on your special day but also being able to prepare your face and skin for long, exhausting days that awaits them.

Ideally, the right time to begin your skincare routine would be to start the day your wedding date is finalised. Skincare doesn’t guarantee quick results and it is only after we have meddled carefully through it for months based on what suits our skin type or not, can we successfully navigate through it.

Therefore, to be able to demand that our skin is on its best behaviour on the wedding day, the preparation has to start quite early. Suggestively, two months early since the skin takes at least one month to show results of a particular cream or serum.

What Needs To Be Done?

Through the long process of having your wedding date fixed to actually getting married, brides have resolved to a long and rigorous process to get their body and skin right in shape for D-day. But worry not, Because changing simple things like your diet or sleeping habits can help you achieve your bridal glow.

1. Eating Right:

Irrespective of the question of your wedding, it has long been established that eating right has a lot to do with the way your skin looks. So it is only customary that brides eat right in order to get the bridal glow one talks about. Having said that, there isn’t really a specific time period when you can shift to healthier eating habits, (read: the sooner the better) but starting 6 months before your wedding wouldn’t be a bad time to start.

Ensure that your healthy food routine is now composed of all the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients one would require to call your diet balanced. It is also advised through many that eating carbs, sugar or non-healthy fats can lead to breakouts or acne. A customary addition to your diet can be plenty of juices from different types of fruits to boost your antioxidant level and allow your skin to bask in their glory and repair itself.

2. Get Enough Sleep:

There is a reason your sleep is often termed ‘beauty sleep’ and it is predominantly because the nighttime allows your skin to perform the much needed TLC and repair the skin’s cells. Therefore, even as your wedding preparations get gruesome don’t miss out on some sleep and try to maintain a healthy routine for it. It is recommended that one gets at least 8-10 hours of sleep for their skin to relax and take its sweet time to repair, rest and rejuvenate.

3. Hydrate:

It’s not enough that your skin simply gets the most of your skincare routine because you also need to be mindful of what goes into your body. Thus, in order to ensure that your skin remains glowing throughout the wedding season, it is mandatory that you hydrate yourself well. Drinking adequate quantities of water has helped the skin retain moisture and look youthful during the day.

Skincare Changes You Should Make:

When it comes to your wedding day or the days leading up to that, the bride gets to treat herself like the queen. So when opportunity presents itself, let’s not forget our skin and provide it with some much-needed love.

1. Getting Facials:

The idea that your face needs some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation after a day's worth of exhaustion isn’t new. But particularly amidst the buzz of wedding festivities as your face and skin gets more and more worn out, the only way to revitalise it might be through some rounds of facials.

So this time is quite right to get started on various different kinds of facials whether it be to get the glow on your face or to treat certain skin issues. You can also try different kinds of facial kits at home instead of lavishly spending every time you visit a salon. Good Vibes offers a range of facial kits all-together to perform different kinds of skincare like imparting glow or soothing the skin or illuminating it based on what you want.

2. Double Cleansing:

With all the day’s exhaustion mixed with environmental aggregators attacking your skin, it is vital that you relieve your skin of the majority of the dirt and grime it has endured throughout the day. And therefore, cleansing once is not enough. Make sure that you double cleanse throughout, once with a makeup remover and then with a foaming face wash.

Foaming face washes have the ability to get rid of the dirt that has been caught up in the skin’s pores and eradicate them before they form acne or blackheads. Good Vibes Foaming Face Wash varying with different natural ingredients like peach, lemon, coffee, honey, etc are the perfect addition to your bridal skincare routine.

3. Detox Your Skin:

Ever wondered why those nasty pimples show up uncalled for the day of your wedding? The answer lies in the dead skin cells that have a tendency to reach your pores and cause acne or pimples. The way to eliminate this would be to perform detox functions like using a gentle scrub every once a week or a mud mask that seems to eradicate the dirt from your pores.

And what better way to use these skincare options than to use them with natural products like rose or volcanic ash clay? Good Vibes has a range of mud masks including one of the Brazilian volcanic ash masks that help to detox your skin of all the impurities and provide it with an amazing glow.

So when you venture through your wedding festivities with great zest, keep all your skincare woes aside and let Good Vibes products take care of them for you.

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