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      Everyone wants lustrous, shiny, frizz-free hair just the way we see our favourite actors within Bollywood movies. However, we need to understand that to achieve this feat, using the right products and styling them correctly is very crucial. So here is how you can tame your mane using hair serums.

      What Are Hair Serums?

      Hair, just like our skin, goes through a lot of environmental damage either by hasty winds, pollution or excess sun exposure. Therefore, we need a product that acts like a protective shield around your hair to protect its shine and texture. And nothing works as well as hair serums. These topically applied, leave-in products contain a concentrated amount of active ingredients to protect your hair from damage and tame the frizz

      Enriched with vitamins and natural oils these keep your hair nourished, protected and will enhance the quality and texture of your hair strands. Not only can it be used as the base of your regular hair care routine i.e, applying it after your hair wash but can also intensify the results of your heat styling. Besides that, here are some more benefits of hair serum.

      Benefits Of Hair Serum

      This product is definitely the one you should be using to turn our bad hair day into a good one and here are some of the reasons why.


      1 - Controls Frizz:

      While shampoos and conditioners can certainly help you to cleanse your roots or moisturise your strands, they don’t make your hair manageable. In order to do that, you need hair serums. They have a low pH and hold the fibres of your strands together making them lustrous and healthy. Serums are also hydrolyzed proteins that help counter the static charge causing frizz and flyaways.

      2 - Reduces Tangles: 

      Since serums work to make your hair glossier and shinier, they are less likely to tangle your hair. Serums help to soften your hair strands which ultimately help to loosen the knots in your hair and interweaves. They also coat each hair strand in natural moisture while retaining shine and reducing cuticle damage.

      3 - Enhances The Texture of Your Hair:

      Hair serums are formulated based on the end results of styling your hair. Therefore, based on the texture of your hair- oily, straight, wavy, dry, you can pick a hair serum to either tackle your hair woes or enhance your hair texture. The active ingredients in serums will help your hair to be naturally shiny and accentuate the natural texture of your hair.

      4 - Protects Against Damage: 

      Hair serums add a protective coating around your hair by coating each strand in them. This helps to conceal the hair from different kinds of damage like environmental, heat or the one caused by chemical treatments. Ingredients like dimethicone and polysiloxane present in the serum are known to protect the hair shaft and glue together cuticle fibres to stop heat and other kinds of damage.

      Types Of Hair Serum

      Based on your hair type and type of serums available in the market, here is how you can choose the right hair serum for you.

      1 - Oil-based Hair serum: 

      Infused with various carrier or essential oils like almond argan or coconut oil, these hair serums are super concentrated and rich with hardly any water content. As a result, these are the very best for dry, unmanageable or untamable hair. They also work best as hair fall serum because they heal damaged hair and breakage.

      As a result, the Good Vibes Hair Serum For Hair Fall we recommend will be the Good Vibes Hair Fall Control Vitalizing Argan Oil Serum because it restricts breakage, nourishes the hair and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

      2 - Hair Serum For Dry Hair: 

      If you are fighting dry hair you are undoubtedly fighting frizzy, unmanageable hair. In this case, your hair needs more than just shampoo and conditioner. It needs a product that will help bind your strands together without retaining the moisture and shine in your hair which is where serums for dry hair come to play.

      Consequently, the Good Vibes Hair Serum For Frizzy Hair we suggest you will be the Good Vibes Revitalising Frizz Free Hair Serum Argan & Vitamin E . It is rich in antioxidants that help to strengthen hair follicles, promote hair growth and nourish your scalp thereby giving your manageable, shiny hair.

      3 - Hair Serum For Hair Growth: 

      Hair growth serums are very common because they essentially help in controlling hair fall and smoothening the breakage caused by excess hair damage. These serums help in fortifying the hair from root to tip and strengthen each strand. These serums usually contain plant-based ingredients like wheat proteins, onion extracts and gluco peptides to help strengthen the base of your hair.

      Based on this, the Good Vibes Hair Serum For Hair Growth we suggest is Good Vibes Hair Serum Onion that is a lightweight serum helping in healing patchy scalp hair and promoting hair growth. It also controls your hair fall by strengthening your hair by boosting hair thickness and multiplying its density and volume.

      How To Use Hair Serum (Step By Step)

      This is how you must use your serums to ensure that you get the shiny lustrous hair we just talked about. 

      • Ensure your hair is a little damp and thoroughly clean (preferable right out of shower clean) for the best outcomes.
      • Take 1 to 2 drops of hair serum in your palm, and rub it between your hands for around five seconds to emulsify the product and make sure it applies well on your strands.
      • Then, part the hair into areas and work the hair serum from the centre to the furthest limit of each section. Attempt to spread the serum as uniformly as could be expected. But remember to always avoid the roots, as applying serum to the roots can make your hair look oily.
      • Whenever you are done, using a wide-tooth brush, brush your hair from the centre to the ends of your strands to help equally spread the serum.
      • Style your hair depending on your preference and reapply the serum anytime of the day if you want.

      Find The Best Hair Serums On Good Vibes

      Good Vibes host a plethora of hair serums most of which are plant-based and have completely natural ingredients in them. They ensure that your hair does not go through any more damage by keeping harsh chemicals at bay. Shop these hair serums now to get the best results for your hair at GoodVibesOnly. 

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      Good Vibes Hair Serum


      Good Vibes Walnut Frizz Control Hair Serum

      ₹. 172

      Good Vibes Plus Argan + Rose Hip - Softening & Shine Hair Serum

      ₹. 200

      Good Vibes Plus Argan Oil + Macadamia Oil Hair Serum

      ₹. 260

      Good Vibes Plus Argan + Coconut Hair Serum

      ₹. 200

      Good Vibes Plus Argan + Olive Hair Serum

      ₹. 200