Here’s What You Can Do To Keep Flaky Skin At Bay This Winter

Here’s What You Can Do To Keep Flaky Skin At Bay This Winter

Does the winter give you just dry skin and chapped lips? It is no surprise what the harsh weather can do to your skin and that the bitter cold air has a tendency to deplete the skin from its natural moisture. But hey, your body needn’t be worried because winters can pass by without a hassle if only one determines to follow a hydration filled skincare routine.


Winter Skincare Routine for Dry Skin:

One simply needs to understand that the virtue of dry skin type is the inability of the body to produce its own natural oils to keep the skin hydrated. This is because the cells of your skin simply need more hydration than they have lost over time or due to the day’s exhaustion. Thus, following a skincare regime to tackle this lack of moisture remains significant.

1 - Moisturise Your Whole Body.

For the umpteenth time, the right way and perhaps the only one to avoid dry skin is to MOISTURISE. Since dry skin types are devoid of hydration a lightweight, loose moisturiser won’t make the cut.

  • Instead using heavy moisturisers laden with cocoa or shea butter that are perfunctory in reaching the deeper layers of the skin is crucial. The thicker ingredients also ensure that the cream has seeped into every crack or flaky skin nourishing it from within.
  • If your skin feels dry after applying the moisturiser once a day, don;t shy away from applying it multiple times a day.
  • Good Vibes Neem & Tulsi Moisturising Face Gel can be prominent in tackling excess dryness and moisturising your skin from within thanks to these naturally effective ingredients.
Good Vibes Gel - Neem & Tulsi (300 gm)


2 - Wash Your Face Once.

Washing your face can take away the moisture embedded in the skin cells from your face and leave it feeling dry or dehydrated. Additionally, pay extra attention to the kind of cleanser you are using to wash your face.

  • Foaming or normal face washes can be harsh on your skin due to the quantity of emulsifiers present. Instead, opt for a gentle cleansing face wash that is hydrating or doesn’t strip your skin of all it’s moisture.
  • To remove makeup, you can try a cleansing balm instead of opting for micellar water or makeup wipes since it is less likely to contain harsh surfactants.
  • The Good Vibes Honey Moisturising Face Wash and Olive Hydrating Cleansing Oil are both marvellous cleansers that help get rid of impurities from your skin by effectively not draining all the moisture from your skin.
Good Vibes Honey Moisturizing Face Wash


3 - Should You Include Toners Or Exfoliators In Your Routine?

Dry skin doesn’t call for products that can additionally cause more tension on the surface of your skin. Both exfoliators and toners fall in this category. Toners have astringents in them that can dry up the skin whereas exfoliators can tend to be abrasive on the skin. Therefore, using both of these in winters when you have dry skin is not quite recommended.

Instead, you can simply try double cleansing by using cleansing oils and balms to make sure your skin remains hydrated yet clean. One such is the Good Vibes Tea Tree Cleansing Oil that is enriched with the goodness of tea tree that helps eliminate impurities easily.

Good Vibes Tea Tree Cleansing Oil


4 - Carry A Lip Balm For Chapped Lips.

The most troublesome part of winters are chapped lips. The skin on your lips is presumably thinner than other parts of your body and therefore, it is more susceptible to dryness.

  • It is easier to get worn out because unlike the rest of our face or body, the lips are touched the most and the chances of our lip products wearing off are high.But we have to prevent the skin from flaking off our lips and to do so, the ideal solution would be to use a lip balm at night.
  • Smooth on a coat of lip balm at night while sleeping so your lips have enough time to heal the flakes and the dryness.
  • Try once from the varied collection of lip balms at Good Vibes having natural products that are moisturising like cocoa butter, coconut, strawberry among many many others and feel your wonderful lips chapeless and thoroughly moisturised.
Lip balm


5 - What Else Can You Do?:

Seems like no matter what the cold finds its way to our skin somehow drying and dulling it at the same time. So in order to take just some more precautions we can always try to add an extra layer of skincare.

  • Whether it is moisturising all over our body inside out or drinking more and more water to keep our skin hydrated, don’t bother doing it again and again if it isn't enough.
  • You can also add steps to your skincare routine like an eye mask to stop your eyebags from drying and causing wrinkles or an overnight hydrating sleeping mask so your skin remains hydrated even when the temperature drops down at night.
  • The Good Vibes Vitamin C Sleeping Mask or Rosehip Glow Sleeping Mask can be quite helpful in providing your face with the much-needed hydration throughout the night and allow your skin cells to easily repair by locking in all that moisture.
Good Vibes Skin Glow Face Mask - Rosehip

Thus, before you settle inside the warmth of your blanket make sure you have all the ingredients checked off from this list. And in any case, you don’t have these products, head on to the Good Vibes site to get your hands on each of these winter must-haves.

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