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      Using a moisturiser for your face is a must-have part of your skincare routine. But let's not forget that our body needs moisturisation too. Which is why using body lotion is a must. Especially during winters, as your skin gets dry and dull, body lotions are your only saving grace. However, apart from that, they help in giving you healthy supple skin and reversing the signs of premature aging. So here is the complete guide in buying the right body lotion for you.

      What Are The Benefits Of Using Body Lotion?

      Body lotions host a variety of benefits which make them a must-have in your skincare routine. The ideal step is to apply a body lotion after you step out from the shower or before you go to sleep. Apart from that, here is why you must look for a good and natural body lotion for your skin:

      • Skin that is chapped from wind, cold or heat or simply from the daily wear and tear can become irritated easily. Which is why a quick application of body lotion can help to seal the moisture in the skin and keep it healthy and supple. 

      • The rough areas on your skin like rough patches and dry areas around your elbows or knees can be healed by using body lotions to erase rough skin and make it smooth and silky as ever. 

      • Rough calluses around your feet or palms can be treated using a body lotion. The moisturising quality of most of these lotions can help soothe and hydrate these extra dry parts and make it spring back to normal. 

      • A body massage using body lotions can be very beneficial to soothe or rejuvenate the body. It warms the rest of your body and provides a great texture to your skin.
      • Finally, body lotions allow you to take advantage of the various scents and textures thereby giving you a relaxing sensation. Additionally, they can also provide your skin with a special glow owing to the brightening qualities present in it.

      Which Body Lotion To Buy Based On Your Skin Type? 

      Body lotions are known to be the best to help moisture your body but based on your skin type, the level of moisturisation you need may vary. Therefore, here is how you can choose a body lotion based on your skin type.

      1. Body Lotion For Dry Skin

      If you have dry skin, it is evident that you need a moisturiser with a high hydration quotient. Thus, you should always look for body lotions with a heavy base and ultra moisturisation quality. Additionally, go for a lotion with ingredients like milk protein, shea butter, glycerin, lanolin, petroleum and mineral oils.

      The good vibes body lotion for dry skin we recommend using is the Good Vibes Peach Body Lotion that is a nourishing vitamin c body lotion. It works as a great natural moisturiser for dry skin as it gives heaps of hydration and has a positive impact on your skin since it is loaded with Vitamin A, C, K, beta carotene, potassium and selenium.

      1. Body Lotion For Oily Skin

      One would think that since oily skin produces a lot of oil, it would need moisturisation. However, even oily skin needs to be hydrated to balance the effects of products you may use to control the oil production. All you need is a simple water-based moisturiser that doesn’t clog your pores (non-comedogenic).

      The good vibes lotion we recommend for oily skin is the Good Vibes Tea Tree Body Lotion since it is a lightweight moisturiser for blemishes and oily skin. It does not leave greasy oily residue behind after application and is easily absorbed in the skin without clogging the pores. Another great choice is also the Good Vibes Brightening Body Lotion in liquorice since it helps to glow your skin and improve its texture.

      1. Body Lotion For Sensitive Or Aging Skin

      Both sensitive and ageing skin needs special attention when it comes to hydration. So if you have sensitive skin, look for calming or soothing ingredients in your body lotion like chamomile or aloe vera. Whereas, for ageing skin, an oil-based, antioxidant-rich body lotion can visibly reduce signs of ageing by promoting a healthy skin.

      For sensitive skin, we suggest using the Good Vibes Shea Butter Body Lotion or the Good Vibes Soothing Aloe Vera Body Lotion. Both these products essentially have the quality of soothing inflamed sensitive skin and providing intense hydration. Additionally, both these lotions can also help in hydrating the skin to reverse the signs of premature ageing and give you a healthy supple skin.

      When And How To Apply Body Lotion? 

      The perfect time to apply a body lotion is when you have just stepped out of a shower or bath. Thanks to the shower, the pores over your skin have just opened up allowing the hydrating and essential nutritional ingredients to seep directly into the deepest layers of the skin. Additionally, you can also apply a body lotion before sleeping to give the skin the time to repair and rejuvenate after the stress of the entire day.

      It is advisable that you apply a body lotion daily since your skin is highly prone to daily wear and tear. But if that is not possible, using a body lotion at least thrice a week is recommended. You can simply apply the body lotion over the expanse of your body using delicate circulation motion or massage it in if you want to give yourself a relaxing soothing experience. 

      Best Body Lotions From Good Vibes

      Good Vibes body lotions for winters are great. They help in providing your skin with intense hydration and ensuring that your skin remains bouncy, supple and healthy throughout the dry weather. These are also organic body lotions that can effectively help your skin to repair and rejuvenate the skin thereby making them work phenomenally well for your skin’s overall health. 

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