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      In our fast-paced life, our hair are often the most ignored aspect of the daily self-care routine. So panicking over the damage the environment bestows upon us, we end up buying over the counter products usually having harsh chemicals that do little to solve our hair problems. Amidst all this, we have forgotten the sole thing that works the best for us- hair oils. So, here are all the ways hair oils benefit your hair and which one to choose based on your hair texture.

      Benefits Of Using a Goodvibes Hair Oil 

      Hair oils are extracted from herbs, plants and seeds derived locally to give your hair a healthy shine. A thorough scalp massage with any good quality hair fall oil or hair growth oil has various benefits like reducing hair fall, decreasing dandruff, moisturising your hair, increased hair growth, repair of damaged hair and rejuvenation of your dry scalp.

      1. It comes packed with several minerals and nutrients that will penetrate the deeper layers of your scalp to provide nourishment to the scalp revitalising the skin tissue. 
      2. Massaging your hair with oils can provide the scalp with exfoliation and sometimes help in reducing hair fall. 
      3. Since they provide nourishment to your hair, it also stimulate hair growth thereby strengthening your hair. This is important to prevent external damage and strengthen your hair. 
      4. Having dry scalp can usually lead to dandruff, therefore, using oils regularly over your hair can help provide hydration and moisturisation to your scalp. This can prevent dandruff, hair breakage and hair loss. 
      5. Oils contain lipids in them which are known to provide shine to hair. Thus, applying hair oils regularly can help your hair become more healthy making them appear more shiny and glossy.
      6. Since hair oils provide the ideal nourishment to your hair, it is known to prevent premature greying of your hair and ensuring it stays strong and healthy throughout. 
      7. Finally, hair oils or in general a thorough oil massage is known to be a massive stress buster. Since massaging stimulates blood circulation, the process is associated with stress relief and relaxing the mind in general.

      How To Choose Hair Oil For Your Hair?

      Each one of us has different hair textures like straight, wavy or curly. Some of us have damaged hair and some of us have coarse, fine hair. Therefore, dependent on these various factors, here is how you can choose the right hair oil for you.For Curly Hair: 

      Curly hair is more prone to dryness making it susceptible to breakage, damage and frizz more than other hair types. Therefore, you may need a hair oil that is nourishing and provides some extra TLC to your strands. These oils can help block the moisture from passing through the cuticles. Therefore, try using argan, olive oil or coconut oil for hair since they are a bit heavier and work well to moisture thicker coils.

      1. For Dry Hair: 

      Treating the hair with oils that moisturise your scalp is the perfect way to treat dry, damaged hair. Therefore, using hair oil for dry hair that is saturated with fatty acids or has nourishing ingredients like vitamin E can help protect dry hair from further damage. Oils like argan oil or jojoba oil which contains vitamin E help to seal in the moisture in your strands thereby helping to prevent dry hair.

      1. For Oily Hair: 

      There is no hard and fast rule that says people with an oily scalp should not use oil. However, you might want to switch your normal oils like coconut or castor oil for something a little lightweight and antibacterial that helps restore moisture balance. Try using rosemary, lavender or lemon oil to remove fungus, balance your natural oils and help in soothing scalp irritations.

      1. For Hair Having Dandruff: 

      Dandruff is one hair problem that has troubled so many people for a very long time. Therefore, using antiseptic hair oils for dandruff like tea tree oil or almond oil can help curb the spread of dandruff and soothe redness, itchiness and irritation from dandruff. However, if you have dandruff make sure that you remove the oil from hair thoroughly during your hair wash to avoid build-up and clogging.

      Different Types of Oil And Why To Use Them

      There are so many different types of oils and so little information on how or under what circumstances you must use them. So here is how you can use different herbal hair oils to take care of different hair problems. 

      1. Coconut Oil- for all hair types. Use for dry damage or dull hair to repair brittle hair and split ends. You can use the oil to also stimulate hair growth. 
      1. Almond Oil- For all hair types. Use for dry, damaged and dandruff prone hair with hair loss issues. It can seal the moisture and protect the hair against hair loss and breakage. 
      1. Olive Oil- For all types of hair. Use for hair that is damaged or dry due to the excess use of heat styling tools. It will give your broken hair a healthy appearance.
      1. Avocado Oil- Use for frizzy, dull hair to increase shine, locking in the moisture and taming the frizz and is a fast hair growth oil.
      1. Grapeseed Oil- Use for dry hair to moisturize and condition it and to effectively treat frizz and split ends. It additionally helps in fighting dandruff by reducing scalp inflammation. 
      1. Argan Oil- Use for hair that is frequently heat styled or exposed to heat and humidity. It can also protect against UV damage to moisturise your hair and make it more manageable. 
      1. Jojoba Oil- Acts like a great moisturiser with antibacterial property and takes care of dandruff related issues. It can make your hair soft and shiny by penetrating deep in your follicle.
      1. Lavender Oil- Works great for oily or treated hair. To be used by those who have dry hair in the back and oil scalp in the front. It is used to promote growth, prevent hair loss and manage sebum production. 

      Best Good Vibes Recommendations For Hair Care Oil

      Good vibes hair oils are all organic that help you tackle every haircare concern. The most recommended good vibes hair oil are Good Vibes Onion Hair Oil & Good Vibes Tea Tree Oil For Hair. Additionally, the good vibes hair growth oil we suggest you use for having longer, shinier tresses are Good Vibes Almond Oil For Hair & Good Vibes Castor Oil For Hair. Furthermore, the good vibes hair fall oil that prevents loss damage, breakage and hair fall, in general, are Good Vibes Amla And Bhringraj Oil & Good Vibes Argan Oil For Hair.

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