Importance of using sunscreen during summers

Importance Of Using Sunscreen During Summers

The summer season will soon be approaching in all its glory and while most of us are excited at its prospects as summers spell ice cream, mangoes and the beach, the onset of this weather also translates into risk of sunburn and skin damage. But, fret not. After all, what are sunscreens for? Over the years, dermatologists and skin care specialists have been vocal about the multiple benefits of sunscreen and why you must have it on before stepping out in the sun. Therefore, before you hit the trail, the beach or the pool this summer, remember to slap on a generous amount of your favorite sunscreen. Here is a quick recap of all the benefits of sunscreen for your skin.

Top 4 Benefits of Sunscreen

1. Sun Protection:

One of the most well-known uses of sunscreen is that it provides protection against sun damage, which as we know can trigger several skin disorders ranging from sunburns to skin diseases like psoriasis. Sunscreens help in protecting one from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun by preventing their penetration into the skin. They contain a sun protection factor (SPF) rating, which simply translates into how long one can stay in the sun without getting burnt while wearing sunscreen.

2. Reduces Risk Of Cancer:

The UV rays can harm the skin and constant exposure can also increase the risk of cancer like melanoma, which can be extremely aggressive and life threatening. So, by applying sunscreen, one can cut the risk of getting cancer.

3. Healthy Skin:

Essential proteins in the skin like keratin, are protected when sunscreen is applied on the skin. Sun damage is one of the many causes for an uneven skin tone and applying sunscreen daily can help put a check on that. It also promises an even complexion by preventing discoloration and dark spots.

4. Premature Ageing:

Everyone loves radiant, glowing skin, but regular exposure to sun rays can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, applying sunscreen can protect the skin against photoaging, like wrinkling, spotting and losing the elasticity of the skin caused by constant exposure to UV rays.

Tips for Using Sunscreen

While using sunscreen, it is important that you know the right method by which the application is most useful and effective on your skin. Here are some tips that can ensure optimum security from the sun's harmful rays.

1. Apply a sunscreen 20-30 minutes before leaving your house. This guarantees the absorption of the cream into skin’s deeper layers, making certain that it’s safeguarded on all fronts.

2. Choose a sunscreen with a higher SPF. Dermatologists recommend SPF of more than 30 since higher the SPF, more is the protection from the sun. An SPF of 30 can help in blocking around 97% of the UV rays.

3. Reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours. Any type of sunscreen will naturally break down when exposed to the sun’s light and the active minerals can get wiped out, since they sit on your skin’s top most layer. Therefore, reapplying sunscreen after a couple of hours when you are out in the sun is a must.

4. Apply sunscreen evenly. Sure, some areas are more exposed to the sun as compared to others, like the high points of your cheeks or nose, but applying an even layer of sunscreen assures that your skin does not get tanned.

5. Use broad spectrum sunscreen. These types of sunscreen help against both UVA and UVB protection. UVA are rays from the sun that causes skin diseases like cancer and psoriasis and UVB causes sun burns. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a higher SPF can provide safety against both.

In the summer months, when the temperatures are reaching an all-time high and the sun is breathing fire, sunscreens act as gladiators protecting the skin and preventing all kinds of damage caused from its rays. It’s even possible that you may end up with a tan. You can choose from an array of Good Vibes Sunscreen Range of natural beauty products, in the form of the Good Vibes Wide Spectrum Sunscreen with SPF 30, 50 and the Good Vibes SPF 30 PA++ with UVA & UVB Protection.

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