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      Shower Gel And Body Wash

      The perfect way to kickstart your morning has to be spending some quality time getting your skin prepped and ready in the shower. And so as showering gets to be a personalised bathing experience for everyone, you need body cleansers that can subtly remind you of your relaxing time in the shower. A lingering fragrance, a moisturizing effect and rejuvenated essence being the ultimate goal of this experience, here is how shower gel and body washes can elevate your time in the shower. 

      What Is The Difference Between A Body Wash And Shower Gel? 

      Shower gels are normally thick, producing sufficient foam with just a couple of drops whereas body washes have a more soap-like consistency and are far more moisturizing than shower gels. As shower gels emulsify or become foam, they are a lot thicker than body wash and therefore are used for an extensive cleansing in the shower. Since they contain less moisturizing agents and more surfactant, namely SLS (sodium laureth sulphate), it is better to use this in warmer countries where the need for a moisturising soap is less. 

      How To Choose A Body Wash Or A Shower Gel? 

      Here’s the thing though, your choice between a shower gel and body wash isn’t merely dependent on the climate but also on your skin type. To understand it a bit more clearly, this is what we suggest while choosing between these products:

      1. For Dry Skin: 

      Since your skin is prone to getting dry, the moisture content in your skin is pretty low as is. Therefore, using a shower gel may just end up drying your skin more than required and cause irritation or dryness. Go for a body wash. 

      How To Use: To use a body wash on dry skin, squeeze some out of a bottle and lather it up on your body. Don’t use too much because even if it is moisturising, it still has some soap in it and with a body wash a little goes a long way when you sprinkle some water on top. You can also use a loofah with it to provide some deep cleansing action. 

      Here are the recommended Good Vibes body wash for dry skin types- good vibes charcoal body wash, good vibes rose body wash.

      1. For Oily/Acne-Prone Skin: 

      Since your top priority is not moisturised skin even after showering, you can easily go for shower gels. You can also opt for body washes that help you curb the excess oil production and has antimicrobial properties to take care of the blemishes.

      How To Use: This too you can use with a mild loofah for exfoliating action. Just remember to not be too harsh in areas where your skin is prone to acne since that might cause more rashes and red, inflamed skin.

      The Good Vibes Green Tea Shower Gel is equipped with the antibacterial properties of green tea which exfoliate and get rid of the acne-causing bacteria for you while also curbing sebum production. Simultaneously, it also revitalizes your skin and provides in-depth nourishment.

      Other products you can try for oily acne-prone skin are: Good Vibes Body Wash Waterlily, Good Vibes Body Wash Raspberry And Peppermint, Good Vibes Lemon And Basil energizing Wash.

      1. For Normal/Combination Skin: 

      It really is fine if you choose either of the two variants since your skin doesn’t get stripped off of moisture easily. However, it is still important to use a body wash or shower gel that is mild and doesn’t irritate your skin.

      How To Use: Additionally, you can either emulsify it with water and keep rubbing it in with circular motions or you can also use a body brush to aid the process of deep cleansing the body. Using the shower gel creates a mild foam and use the body brush to rub your body to get rid of the dead skin and exfoliate parts of the body your hand alone can’t reach.

      The good vibes recommended product for normal or combination skin is the body of the good vibe wash wine that treats the signs of ageing, soothes and calms the skin and keeps the skin looking youthful.

      We suggest the Good Vibes Lavender Soothing Shower Gel, Good Vibes Lotus And Sage Softening Shower Gel or Good Vibes Sandalwood Vetiver Shower Gel for this skin type.

      We suggest you try the Good Vibes range of body wash and shower gel since it has been formulated with all-natural ingredients that slough your skin off the dirt and impurities well. It also has organic fragrances with natural extracts that don’t irritate your skin or harsh chemicals either. Therefore, these products are highly safe on the skin and help you get a relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating shower experience. 

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