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      Hand Cream For Soft Hands

      Dry skin is an open portal for wrinkles and various other signs of ageing like age spots and skin darkening. In order to prevent that, moisturising our skin is very important.  So while we have a well-established skincare routine for our face, we need a good moisturising regime for our body too. Our hands, more importantly, are continuously washed since they touch other surfaces and therefore more prone to drying. This is why we must use a hand cream to take special care of our hands.

      Benefits Of Using A Hand Cream

      Apart from providing an instant moisturisation to your hands, here are some of the reasons you should be using hand creams in your daily routine.

      1 - Prevents Ageing: 

      The skin of our hands tends to age faster than the rest of our body due to constant exposure to harsh chemicals, running water, pollution, sun exposure, etc. It also has fewer sebaceous glands and tends to get dry faster. These factors can lead to early signs of ageing like wrinkles, pigmentation and thinning of skin. This is why using a moisturising hand cream with the goodness of aloe vera, vitamin E or other such products can help hydrate your skin from within.

      2 - Repair Damaged Skin: 

      It is quite possible that apart from leaving your skin prone to early ageing, daily exposure to running water and harsh chemicals can also leave your skin cracked. One can also develop rashes and cracks due to loss in moisture content and natural oils. So while many of us use a moisturiser for our hands once a day, it might not be enough. So, try applying a hand cream every time your skin feels dry or simply after having your hands underwater for a long time.

      3 - Protect Against Infections:

      Cracked, bleeding or dry hands are more prone to infections than others. It is easy for various bacterias and viruses to enter damage and unprotected skin. So simply washing them won’t be enough unless we maintain a good regime of moisturising our hands every chance we get. Additionally, if your hands are exposed to chemicals more frequently, you must use a hand cream to restore the softness and moisture of the skin.

      How To Choose The Right Hand-Cream?

      Hand creams are specifically formulated to nourish your hands, repair any wear and tear and prevent them from unfavourable conditions. Therefore, in order to have well-moisturised hands, here is how you can choose the right-hand cream for you. 

      1 - Check Your ingredient List:

      Amidst all the good brands, different formulations and various scents of hand creams, choosing the right ingredients that work the best for your skin is very important. It is therefore suggested to look for ingredients like Vitamin C & E and hyaluronic acid.

      These products help to hydrate the skin, boost its elasticity and reduce spots and maintain the moisturising levels of the skin. Also make sure that your hand cream has SPF to protect your hands from excessive sun exposure, tanning and sunburns.

      2 - Check For Anti-Ageing Goodness:

      The quality of a hand cream is determined on how well it moisturises your hands and how long the hydration lasts. As our hands begin to lose their elasticity and show signs of ageing, we must use a hand cream to prevent these.

      Therefore it is important to use a combination of rejuvenating vitamins and essential oils that work together to hydrate and repair skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Try using ingredients like beeswax, marula oil, primrose oil, shea butter, etc.

      3 - Look For A Compact And Budget Friendly Hand Cream: 

      The essence of hand cream is that it can be carried around anywhere. Just slip in your purse or handbag and you can use it throughout the day. The most beneficial hand treatment products are ones that offer multidimensional benefits such as sun protection and hydration, brightening and plumping, exfoliation and repairing, so choose a hand cream that takes care of all these concerns instead of simply one or two.

      4 - Figure Out Your Skincare Woes: 

      Another important factor while choosing your hand cream should be your skincare concerns. Based on what issue you are trying to combat, select the right-hand moisturiser. If you are looking for hand creams for dry skin, try an intensive care cream with long-lasting hydration. If you want to get rid of flaky skin, then try a cream boasting exfoliating benefits. If you want one for oily skin, try a water-based hand cream and so on and so forth. Just remember to use it throughout the day and at night to restore hand health. 

      How To Use Or When To Start Using Hand Cream

      Hand creams are super easy to use- all you have to do is squeeze a dollop of it on your palm and rub your palms together. Then apply it on every surface of your hands by thoroughly coating the front and back. Lastly, don’t forget your nail cuticles since those need to be moisturised to keep them soft and protect your nails from infections.

      It might be ideal that you begin utilising hand cream after washing utensils, garments, or wiping the floor. As water is a drying specialist, it makes the skin of your hands dull and dehydrated. Apply hand cream routinely after your chores to forestall wrinkles and fine lines. Assuming your hands are exposed to chemicals consistently, you should use hand cream so it can reestablish the softness and moisture of the skin.

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      Offering an amazing range, the Good Vibes Hand Cream are the best hands cream because they are enriched with natural ingredients that help to nourish and protect your beautiful skin. Infused with ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, cherry blossom, green tea, lotus and sage, these hand creams for women put dry palms to rest. They are known to condition, tone, soften and nourish the delicate skin on your palms while replenishing the moisture and locking it in. Good Vibes hand cream review has been great so far for every user so go get your hands on them now!

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      Good Vibes Hand Cream


      Good Vibes Shea Butter Moisturizing Hand Cream

      ₹. 160

      Good Vibes Revitalizing Hand Cream - Olive

      ₹. 116

      Good Vibes Nourishing Hand Cream - Raspberry and Peppermint

      ₹. 116

      Good Vibes Smoothening Hand Cream - Lotus and Sage

      ₹. 140

      Good Vibes Hydrating Hand Cream - Cherry Blossom

      ₹. 140