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      Good Vibes Scrubs & Exfoliators

      Scrubs and exfoliators have a special place in our skincare routine because even if they are not used as frequently, they definitely are the reason for your fresh, glowing skin. So when your face goes through a lot of environmental aggressors like heat, pollution and dirt, a good quality exfoliator or face scrub should help you achieve a clean and clear skin.

      What Is A Face Scrub And Its Importance

      Face scrubs are skincare products with coarse particles that help to exfoliate the layer of dead skin cells from the surface of your face. It essentially reduces the chances of clogged pores, acne breakout and appearance of blackheads or whiteheads. These fine particles rub against your skin to remove all the dirt from your pores, making your skin softer and smoother. Therefore, the addition of a good facial scrub of exfoliator will leave you with an even complexion and smooth, gleaming skin.

      Benefits Of A Face Scrub

      Still, considering whether or not you should have scrubs and exfoliators in your skincare routine? Check this list out of the benefits of scrubs and why you need to start using them. 

      1. Removes Dead Skin Cells: 

      As mentioned before, due to our everyday life, the skin forms a layer of dead skin cells over our face making the face look dry and dull. Exfoliating your face with a scrub helps you get rid of the dead skin thoroughly and gives you a radiant, fresh-looking skin. 

      1. Cleans Your Pores: 

      Sebum or the oil that is naturally produced by your body gets seeped into your pores clogging them which can lead to blackheads and acne. However, using scrubs removes the sebum oil, unclogs your pores and gives you a clean skin. 

      1. Reduces Acne Scars: 

      Scrubs lighten your acne scars. Exfoliating helps the natural resurfacing process of the skin by allowing it to rejuvenate. It removes damaged, dull skin, allows skin patches to biome lighter and fades scars too. 

      1. Improves The Texture of Your Skin: 

      Scrubs prompts skin renewal process and aids the revitalisation of it. Exfoliating your face can ensure the bumps caused over your face go away and improve the texture of your skin. Scrubbing can also tackle tanning, sunburn and pigmentation thereby evening out skin’s complexion. 

      1. Allows Better Absorption Of Skincare Products: 

      With the growth of layers of dead skin cells, the skincare items that you use find it hard to absorb, which is the reason you may not get your ideal outcomes. Scrubbing your face can guarantee that these items appropriately penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and that they work effectively on it.

      How To Choose A Face Scrub? 

      Choosing the right face scrub for your skin is very important to make sure that your skin receives the right care and doesn’t end up being dry or inflamed. So this is how you can choose a face scrub for your skin type. 

      1. Face Scrub For Oily Skin: 

      When it comes to oily skin, it's important that you don't over-exfoliate. It can actually cause your skin to dry out and produce even more oil. But you need to use a face scrub for oily skin to break up impurities, and wash them away so that the extra sebum your skin produces won’t congest your pores. This is why it is recommended that you use a charcoal face scrub or a green tea one that can absorb the excess oil and prevent it’s production. 

      The Good Vibes face scrub for oily skin we recommend using is the Good Vibes Deep Cleansing Activated Charcoal Face Scrubto fight blackheads, fight heads, acne scars and control the production of sebum. Oily skin also means acne. So the Good Vibes scrub for acne-prone skin is the Good Vibes Purifying  Green Tea Face Scrub to deeply detoxify and clean your pores and prevent premature ageing. 

      Face Scrub For Dry Skin: 

      Quite possibly the main thing, assuming you have dry skin, is to follow your exfoliant with a decent moisturiser. You need to be certain you're not overdrying your skin. You can likewise scrub less habitually, even once each month is sufficient. But make sure your scrub has ingredients like glycolic acid, is gel based or has hydrating properties that can help you retain moisture and not strip your skin off its natural oils. 

      The Good Vibes scrub for dry skin we suggest you use is our Good Vibes Nourishing Papaya Scrub to banish dry skin. It gives your skin extra moisture and helps you remove impurities from the skin. The granules are not too harsh and the consistency of the scrub makes sure that your skin isn't too dry. Your skin also can retain moisture better after the use of this exfoliator. 

      Face Scrub For Normal Skin: 

      Whether or not you have a generally issue-free skin that isn’t prone to acne or not too dry, you actually need to exfoliate. This is because dead skin cells can still form a layer on your skin and give rise to skincare concerns. So, you can utilise a gentle exfoliating scrub that will help you give a radiant glow to your face. 

      We suggest using the Good Vibes Licorice Brightening Face Scrub. From dark spots to hyperpigmentation, licorice present in the scrub takes care of brightening your skin naturally.  It is also known in the skincare world for its properties to protect your skin from sun damage and help reduce the effects of premature ageing. Use this scrub twice every week for a healthy, clear and even toned skin.

      Face Scrub For Sensitive Skin: 

      Ensure that the ingredients your scrub has aren’t abrasive on your skin otherwise, you will be left with a patchy, red, inflamed skin. Also make sure that you are not particularly allergic or sensitive to anything. You can start using your product by doing patch tests on your neck or the back of your hands and find this out. 

      However, we recommend using a natural face scrub like the Good Vibes Olive Moisturising Gel Scrub. It has lightweight granules that make sure the skin is moisturised and your pores stay unclogged. Infused with natural ingredients, it gives your face a soothing effect and doesn’t harm your skin in any way.

      Face Scrub For Combination Skin: 

      Combination skin requires something special because you're dealing with both dry and oily patches. You should look for face scrubs that should clean the excess oil off your face without drying your skin. Therefore, look for products that use fruit enzymes as the exfoliant. 

      Try using the Good Vibes Pomegranate Scrub that boosts your skin’s ability to retain moisture and helps to get rid of the dead skin cells from its deepest layers. This scrub will also help you protect your skin from damage and repair and restore the skin cells. It can also remove dark spots, treat pigmentation and prevent premature ageing

      Face Scrub For Ageing Skin: 

      Ageing skin requires additional consideration since it doesn't turn over new skin cells at a similar rate it used to be. It's vital to build how frequently you exfoliate so go for two times each week. Also choose a product that will help the revival of your skin cells and boost the production of collagen in your skin. 

      This is why the Good Vibes scrub we will suggest you the Good Vibes Face Scrub Reviving Strawberry that will lighten and brighten your skin and give it a dewy finish from within. This scrub will also help your skins to revive and repair from within so you can say goodbye to damaged skin. 

      How To Use Face Scrub Properly (Step By Step)

      Using scrubs is easy. Follow these 5 steps for exfoliating and get the clean, glass-like skin of your dreams. 

      • Wash your face with water completely. Take a bite-sized amount of facial scrub in your palm and apply the facial clean on your slightly damp face.
      • Gently rub it all over, applying minimal pressure. You can use circular motions to massage the scrub all over your face.
      • Always rub your face upwards and focus around regions like the top and corner of your nose, cheeks and upper lips. Continue the back rub for 10 to 15 seconds.
      • Now move to your neck and under the jawline and back rub for an additional 10 seconds.
      • Once you complete the exfoliating massage, clean up with cold or tepid water. Gently wipe your face utilising a delicate towel.

      With all that said and done, we sure hope that you can now use scrubs more wisely and regularly as a part of your daily skincare routine. Make sure to pick them out carefully and don’t be too harsh on your skin with them.

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