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      Good Vibes Natural Hair Shampoos

      Good vibes shampoos are made with plant or fruit extracts infused with the goodness of natural or mineral oils that aid the process of cleansing your scalp without the use of harsh chemicals. They derive their source of nourishment to the roots of your hair from the benefits of various herbal mixes. By doing so, they do not excessively dry them out or damage the root follicles rather provide deep conditioning resulting in healthier hair. 

       What Are The Benefits Of  Good Vibes Shampoos?

      Apart from being a great way to deal with lesser toxic chemicals, natural shampoos also ensure that your hair is healthy and grows well from its root. Here is how a natural shampoo can change the way your hair looks and feels: 

      1. They Don’t Strip Away Moisture: 

      Your natural SLS or paraben based shampoo can definitely get rid of the dirt and impurities from your scalp but it also takes away the natural moisture from it. And while conditioners restore some of that lost moisture in your lengths, the same can’t be said for your roots. Therefore, in order to carefully scrub your scalp off its dirt and ensure it still remains moisturised, mild shampoos are a great asset. 

      1. They Don’t Contain Harsh Chemicals: 

      With organic shampoos you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals like Parabens,  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol or Acid Amide or CA-24 wreaking havoc on your scalp. They won’t cause your hair any major damage and will always find a way to naturally strengthen your hair right at its roots. This makes the shampoos safer since they won’t cause irritation, allergies or harmful side effects.

      1. They Won’t Disturb Your Natural pH Balance: 

      Organic or natural shampoos won’t throw off the natural pH of your hair. The pH of hair is between 4.5 and 5.0, as is the oil on the scalp, known as sebum. This natural hair acidity prevents fungi and bacteria from growing in the hair and scalp, leaving the cuticle closed and healthy. 

      1. They Have So Many Beneficial Ingredients: 

      There are so many common ingredients that you will find in these natural shampoos that are extremely important to provide nourishment in your hair. So ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera gel can help your hair with hydration and moisturisation whereas those like tea tree oil can work as an antimicrobial agent to get rid of dandruff in your hair. Thus, these common ingredients can most definitely give your scalp the care it needs without risking the quality of your hair strands. 

       Which Type Of Shampoo Is Right For You?

      Each of our hair has different requirements based on our respective problems. So here is how you can pick a shampoo that has the right ingredients and will not affect your hair adversely. 

      1. For Oily Hair: 

      If your hair tends to get greasy very soon, it means that you have oily hair. This also means that your scalp is prone to build up which can be due to shampoo residue after using SLS or paraben shampoo. Therefore, you need a clarifying shampoo and a volumizing one. Try to avoid moisturizing shampoos. 

      The Good Vibes Rosehip Revitalising Shampoo helps in renewing harmed hair roots and strands by including sparkle and volume with everything else. This shampoo for hair fall likewise fixes damaged hair follicles and lifts hair volume to give you bouncy, lustrous hair. Rosehip has been referred to as a miracle natural product for its many advantages and consequently, it's the ideal cleanser to give life to your dry and frizzy hair.

      1. For Dry Hair: 

      People with dry hair tend to have lengths that are frizzy and often have split ends. To avoid this, you need to keep using hair masks that moisturise your scalp. Your shampoo for dry hair also needs to be void of sulphates and alcohols, so the moisture from your hair isn’t dried out. 

      The Good Vibes Strengthening Argan Shampoo is rich in antioxidants which ensures moisturisation of the roots and stimulate hair follicles to grow making the hair softer, shinier and stronger. It also ensures that you are not left with a flaky or dry scalp thereby curbing hair loss as well.

      1. For Natural Or Combination Hair: 

      Use a mix of protein, moisturising and curl-defining shampoos that will not weigh your hair down or dry it out. It is also important to pick a shampoo that keeps your hair nourished, so try using it without parabens. 

      The Good Vibes Keratin Nourishing Shampoo gives you voluminous hair with added strength, elasticity and balance for gorgeous hair. This hair fall control shampoo helps to calm the scalp from possible dryness or itchiness, moisturises the hair and nourishes the root from deep within so that you can have happy hair days with every wash. 

      1. For Dandruff:

      If your scalp faces dandruff, you obviously need a scalp shampoo that can ensure that your hair is protected and has some antimicrobial properties in it. It is also important that this anti-dandruff shampoo prevents the recurrence of dandruff.

      The Good Vibes Anti Dandruff Shampoo we recommend is the Good Vibes Ginger shampoo. It helps to take care of dandruff and makes your hair strong and healthy without damaging them.

      Best Good Vibes Recommendations For Natural Shampoos

      We are mentioning some of the best good vibes shampoos for each hair problem

      so that your hair care can always be without any issues. Good Vibes Shampoos For Dry Hair can include the good vibes shampoo banana, good vibes shampoo coconut. Good Vibes shampoo for hair fall should be the Good vibes anti-dandruff shampoo ginger.

      The packages also come in a combo pack like the good vibes shampoo and conditioner combo which will help you cleanse your scalp and moisturise your ends at the same time. These three shampoos are also the perfect if you want to strengthen your hair without causing damage to them- good vibes shampoo keratin, good vibes shampoo neem and good vibes shampoo onion. You can also get your shampoos in a Good vibes shampoo kit for better lasting results.


      1. Which is the best shampoo for hair?

      Shampoos that are usually best for your hair don’t contain any sulfates, parabens or other harsh chemicals since they can cause excessive damage to your hair. Therefore, stick to using natural shampoos made from products found in nature like all the Good Vibes hair shampoo.

      1. Which shampoo is best for hair fall?

      Hair fall is a haircare issue that can stem due to many problems like dandruff, excess environmental damage or even heat styling. Therefore, choose a shampoo that gently massages your roots and provides some strength to them. We recommend the Good Vibes shampoo for hair growth containing amla and shikakai.

      1. What is mild shampoo?

      Mild shampoos are shampoos that contain gentler cleansing agents. Compared to other shampoos, they contain extracts from flowers, fruits or plant extracts and are used by people who have generally dry, frizzy or damaged hair. These are usually sulfate and paraben-free shampoos.

      There are so many shampoos that Good Vibes offer that tackle different hair care needs. For every possible issue, there is a solution with Good Vibes. So hop over to their page and get the best natural shampoos available so that your hair is always healthy, strong and lustrous. 

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