Bhringraj: The King of herbs for your hair

Bhringraj: The King of herbs for your hair

Most girls dream of long, lustrous tresses cascading down the shoulders, amplifying their beauty manifolds. And many also take measures to ensure that they have good hair, by painstakingly oiling their hair regularly or using a nimiety of products. But, often, either the city's pollution or the busyness of our lives takes its toll on one’s hair care regime, no matter how immaculate, thereby resulting in many girls losing the natural shine and lustre of their hair.


But worry not, we have got an ingredient for you that not only solves all your hair care worries, but is also a desi Ayurveda trusted variant.


Bhringraj or the king of herbs, gets its oil derived from the leaves, and is grown in the more humid tropical parts of the country.


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According To Ayurveda:

Bhringraj benefits the hair by promoting its growth, strengthening the roots and also helps prevent greying and dandruff. It is rich in Vitamin D & E, magnesium, and polypeptides that make it efficient in working towards the generation of hair follicles and growth.


Ayurveda also mentions that Bhringraj has special properties, which aid in age reversal and rejuvenation and considering such qualities, many brands now make its oil, owing to the Bhringraj benefits for hair:


Top 5 Bhringraj Benefits for Hair

1 - Bhringraj Treats Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Researchers have found that Bhringraj is effective in fighting bacteria and fungus and therefore, also dandruff. When warmed and massaged in the hair, Bhringraj oil can provide relief from itchiness and greasiness brought on by dandruff. It also has a dense and high specific gravity as compared to other oils that help it to seep into the deeper layers of the scalp, and help get rid of any flaky scalp and treat dryness.


2 - Bhringraj helps in Hair Growth

Bhringraj contains Vitamin E, which is known to fight off free radicals that impede the growth of your hair. It is also known to help relax the mind and control stress-induced hair fall. Massaging your head with Bhringraj oil is said to bring about vasodilation, that aids the blood vessels to widen, resulting in improved blood flow to the roots. This promotes hair growth and strengthens hair follicles.


3 - Bhringraj slows down Greying of Hair

One of Bhringraj's uses can be in applying it as hair dye to colour the hair and prevent it from greying. The leaves of the plant are used to create this dye that helps to hide the greys of the hair. When combined with Indigo or Amla, it can act as a natural colouring agent for your greying hair and can also temporarily prevent greying.


4 - Bhringraj Makes Hair Lustrous

Bhringraj oil is rich in many nutrients that help deeply condition the scalp, roots and lengths of one’s hair. Massaging Bhringraj oil into your hair can help promote the blood supply and also ensure that the oil reaches the deeper layers of the scalp, after which you are left with hair that is lustrous.


5 - Bhringraj Treats Scalp Infections

Some scalp infections like different forms of folliculitis bring about inflammation of the hair follicles, causing hair fall and ultimately, balding. Bhringraj contains the goodness of anti-bacterial properties that help treat such kinds of scalp infection.


It also treats a ringworm infection of the scalp, that happens because of tinea capitis but using Bhringraj oil regularly can reduce inflammation in the hair follicles, alleviate scalp infections and promote scalp tenderness.


Our ancient science of Ayurveda has prescribed many such plant derivatives to help with a plethora of our hair and skin worries and bhringraj uses for hair is just one of the numerous natural ingredients.


Curating these products with love and keeping the science intact is Good Vibes, a brand that is vegan, cruelty-free and has a Bhringraj oil for hair growth.


It is also enriched with the goodness of Amla and the two power ingredients together can bring your hair all the care and nourishment it needs. Apart from that, Good Vibes also has a Bhringraj hair mist that you can use for shiny, lustrous hair anytime, anywhere.


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