Natural Shampoos- Yay Or Nay

Top 5 Good Vibes Natural Shampoo for Healthy Hair

The blaring warnings of our shampoos containing Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) are still fresh in our minds that prompted our switch towards sulphate free and paraben free alternatives. When it comes to our hair, no amount of care is ever enough. Along with a right shampoo, hair care also means eating right, good oiling practices and perfect routine. But all of this goes in vain if the shampoo you are using isn’t the right one. With the plethora of ingredients and a profusion of chemicals that go into making these hair potions, the job of choosing the right shampoo that causes minimum damage can be quite arduous. The easiest way out of this conundrum lies in going natural i.e. choosing organic products that don’t harm the hair or the scalp. Natural Shampoos don’t have the harmful concoction of chemicals that you find in most of the OTT available brands.

Why Should One Use Natural Shampoos?

Natural Shampoos are shampoos made with plant extract and infused with natural oils, minerals or herbal extracts that help the hair and scalp without the use of chemicals. Contrary to most shampoos, they derive their richness from various blends of plants that have been known to humankind since forever. These products maintain the natural moisture of the hair and promote healthy hair growth and nourishment. Apart from that, they also provide deep conditioning without stripping the scalp of its natural oils. So, say goodbye to chemicals and let your hair sway in the goodness of nature with our carefully curated list of best natural shampoos for your every hair problem.

Coconut Hydrating Shampoo:Coconut Hydrating Shampoo

Good Vibes Hydrating Shampoo - Coconut (200 ml)

The importance of coconut for hair care is not lost on us Indians. Now say hello to rich, voluminous hair with added strength, elasticity and balance with Good Vibes Coconut Shampoo. The shampoo not only calms the scalp from possible dryness or itchiness, but also moisturizes the hair and nourishes the root from deep within so that you can have happy hair days with every wash.

Amla & Shikakai Strengthening:Amla & Shikakai Strengthening

Good Vibes Strengthening Shampoo - Amla Shikakai (200 ml)

Based on the virtue of Ayurveda, Amla is known to be a rich source of Vit C and amino acids. Alongside Shikakai which contains a natural surfactant saponin, this shampoo promotes hair growth, reduces the appearance of grey hair, treats dandruff and makes your tresses long and strong. If you look at it, it solves almost each of our hair care issues making the Amla & Shikakai Strengthening Shampoo one of the best natural shampoo out there.

Green Tea Strengthening Shampoo:

Green tea extracts have antibacterial properties in them making them a perfect match to ward off dandruff and other irritants from the scalp. It is also rich in antioxidants which ensures moisturization of the roots and stimulates hair follicles to grow making the hair softer, shinier and stronger. It also ensures that you are not left with a flaky or dry scalp thereby curbing hair loss as well. This Green Tea Shampoo has been one of our top rated products for problems related to dandruff and hair loss.

Banana Shine Shampoo:Banana Shine Shampoo

Good Vibes Shine Shampoo - Banana (200 ml)

Haven’t we all applied mashed bananas and yoghurt as a DIY hair mask? Well, perhaps it’s not required anymore. Rich in potassium, natural oils and vitamins, bananas are known to add the lost shine back in your hair. It softens the hair protecting its natural elasticity leaving you with manageable shiny hair. This Banana Shine Shampoo is also known to aid the reduction of split ends and promote hair growth making it one of the best natural shampoo for hair growth in India.

Rosehip Revitalizing Shampoo:Rosehip Revitalizing Shampoo

Good Vibes Rosehip Hair Revitalizing Shampoo (200 ml)

Indeed, a very interesting ingredient- rosehip. Rosehip helps in revitalizing damaged hair roots and strands by adding shine and volume to the mix. It also repairs damaged hair follicles and boosts hair volume to give you healthy bouncy tresses. Rosehip has been known in the industry as a wonder fruit for its many benefits on skin and hair, therefore, this Revitalising Rosehip Shampoo is the perfect shampoo to give life to your lifeless, dry and frizzy hair.

Do you know what’s interesting? This list is just the tip of an iceberg. Good Vibes has a variety of more such natural shampoos that ensure your hair is taken care of to the “T”. Head over to the Good Vibes Official Page to know more.

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