Goodvibes Healthy Hair and Skincare Combos you need to try

Goodvibes Healthy Hair and Skincare Combos you need to try

Looking after your skin or hair means finding that perfect set of products that fits all your requirements perfectly, covering all issues. Most of the time, this can be extremely difficult to find, considering the plethora of skincare and haircare products available online. However, in order to make this job easier for you, Good Vibes has come with its special sets of healthy organic hair and skincare product combinations that have been curated specifically keeping your needs in mind.

Good Vibes Ultimate Glow Combo KitGood Vibes Ultimate Glow Combo Kit

Good Vibes Ultimate Glow Combo Kit (Papaya Face Wash 120 ml + Rosehip Serum 10 ml + Green Tea Toner 120 ml + Coconut Face Cream 50g)

We all crave for a dewy, glowing and radiant face, right? But often things that we try have not delivered their promise and most of the times, we end up with a bucket of skin problems. It was owing to such complaints that the Good Vibes ultimate combination was created which comprises the Brightening Papaya Face Wash, Rose Hip Radiant Glow Serum, Green Tea Toner and Coconut Brightening Face Cream. All these products, combined together, enhances your skin, effectively balances its pH level, minimises visible pores, kills acne causing bacteria and moisturises the face, making it brighter and glowing. It works on all skin types and helps get rid of impurities in the skin, thereby making it more even-toned and vibrant, making it a brilliant Good Vibes skin care combo.

Good Vibes Summer Essential Combo KitGood Vibes Summer Essential Combo Kit

Good Vibes Summer Essentials Combo Kit ( Green Tea Face Wash 120ml + Green Tea Toner 120 ml + Papaya Face Scrub 50g + SPF 50 Sunscreen 50g + Lemon Shower Gel 200 ml)

Summers have always been sweaty, humid and extremely musty weather. We wish there was a one-stop solution to all these problems and now with this Good Vibes combo, there may just be! This combo comprises the Green Tea Face Wash, Green Tea Toner, Papaya Face Scrub, Sunscreen and the Lemon Shower Gel, which is sure to keep all your summer problems at bay. From tanning to exfoliation, hyperpigmentation and even smelly odour, this combination is the ultimate mix of some of the best skincare products. The face wash cleanses deeply and exfoliates to eradicate the impurities, whereas the toner and face scrub act to keep acne causing bacteria and acne scars miles away from your face. The sunscreen promises to protect you from sun damage, due to the harmful rays and the lemon shower gel helps you unwind after a hot, humid day, making this a brilliant kit for you to own.

Good Vibes Onion Hair Fall ControlGood Vibes Onion Hair Fall Control

Good Vibes Onion Hair Fall Control Combo Kit (Onion Shampoo 200ml + Onion Hair Mask 200 g + Onion Hair Oil 100 ml)

The strength of onions is known to work wonders through your hair, owing to ingredients like sulphur, which helps prevent hair loss and supports strong and thick hair. This is the reason behind Good Vibe's idea of curating an onion range consisting of a shampoo, oil and hair mask and now this comes in a hair care combo. The oil that needs to be applied and massaged in your scalp before hair wash helps prevent hair loss by seeping in and locking the roots of your hair. The hair mask imparts strengths and elasticity to hair, in order to prevent their breakage and the shampoo helps cleanse the scalp and moisturise it with the goodness of soy milk, that is present in it. All these products are now available in one combo pack, which makes it one of the best hair care products available in the market.

Good Vibes Anti-Dandruff Combo Kit

Good Vibes Anti-Dandruff Combo Kit

Good Vibes Anti Dandruff Combo Kit (Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml + Ginger Shampoo 200 ml + Ginger Conditioner 120 ml)

Dandruff is one of the major hair problems, since it's stubborn to get out and no matter how hard you try, there’s always some spot that you miss or it ends up resurfacing again! Not this time! This anti-dandruff kit by Good Vibes contains a mix of products that help battle dandruff from its roots and stop its relapse. The Rosemary and Tea Tree Oil helps fight and prevents dandruff, all the while soothing your itchy, irritated scalp and also imparts nourishment. The Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner offer a deep and thorough cleaning of the scalp, while also providing deep conditioning treatment, thereby ensuring healthy gorgeous hair. Buy this range now, if you too are tired of a flaky, itchy and irritated scalp!

Good Vibes RoseHip Range Combo Kit

Good Vibes Rosehip Range Combo Kit ( Face Wash 200 ml + Toner 200 ml + Face Serum 10 ml + Face Cream 50 g)

Rosehip is a wonder ingredient, since it works on types of skincare problems, from clearing pores to reducing visible signs of premature aging. Therefore, Good Vibes has curated this range of their Rosehip ingredients, comprising their face wash, toner, face serum and face cream. The idea behind this move is that the face wash will help deeply cleanse the pores, after which, the toner will minimise pores, making it clear of any residual dirt. The serum, on the other hand, will nourish the face, by hydrating it and seeping into the deeper layers of the skin to heal its worries and lastly, the face cream provides moisturisation and necessary hydrated sealing all the other processes.

Good Vibes has always tried to bring in the goodness of nature with some of its best skin care and hair care products in a cost-effective manner, so that everyone can try these out. Finally, with these combo sets that work perfectly well together, everyone can now have a relaxed and therapeutic skin and hair care treatment, without having to worry or fuss about buying and trying a bunch of different products. So, wait no more. Go, visit the official site of the Good Vibes page to enjoy these brilliant combos, now!