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Best Makeup Remover For All Skin Types

Getting Squeaky Clean! Here’s What You Should Know About Makeup Removers

For all my makeup lovers out there, one rule that we have been told to ardently follow is to rinse off that makeup before going to bed. But, alas! The makeup is much more stubborn than to be rinsed off with a splash of water alone; it simply doesn’t make the cut. Whether it is about avoiding gratuitous buildup that can cause acne or about having a clear skin, the ultimate favour you can do to your skincare ritual is by using a makeup remover first.

Why To Use Good Vibes Makeup Remover?

Makeup remover is a critical component of any skincare. It not only helps you shed those made-up layers of foundation and glitters but also works to get rid of the impurities and dirt resting on the surface of your face. If makeup stays longer on your skin, it tends to clog pores and using water won’t completely unclog these which could cause a plethora of issues like rashes, irritation, dry skin, acne or pimples. Besides, we have all tried to get off the sticky mascara and eyeshadow experimenting with a range of face wash but all in vain. Thanks to their cleansing quality, makeup removers can do all of this and more in a jiffy and of course much more efficiently.

So, here’s a small guide on different types of makeup removers to understand in depth how to remove makeup at home.

How To Remove Makeup?

While using a makeup remover is no rocket science- take some on the palm, rub it together and massage it on the face but the more pressing question here is- which makeup remover should you pick?

Oil Based Cleansers Like Cleansing Oil Or Cleansing Balm:

Oil works as a solvent breaking down makeup, surface debris and excess oil off the skin. A perfectly amazing oil blend can work efficiently to break down your long wearing foundation, waterproof mascara and even a dense brow gel. Due to the emollient nature of the oils, it can also provide some moisturization to the skin and can practically get rid of your makeup in one swipe. Followed by a gel-based cleanser that gets rid of the residue, oil-based makeup removers are a gift for the people with a dehydrated, dry skin type.

Good Vibes Cleansing Oil acts like the perfect makeup cleanser performs deep pore cleansing along to get rid of clogged pores and dull dehydrated skin.

Cleansing Sheet Mask:

Have an extremely oily skin with a proclivity towards acne? No worries. These cleansing sheet masks are a gentle cleansing solution for sensitive and oily skin types that get rid of facial impurities using lightweight hydrating solutions to replenish your skin from within. It has been gaining momentum in the past couple of years for the fact that it lets you get away with not washing your face after using it. It doesn’t even clog pores and all one needs is a relaxing day for the serum in the mask to reach each and every cell of your skin. BAmboo used to make these masks, has natural breathability and 50% more absorption than cotton.

Check out these amazing 21 variants of Cleansing Sheet Masks from Good Vibes with various different ingredients, all infused with the goodness of nature to make your skin look its absolute best.

Cleansing Lotions:

Not everyone quite associates with using oils to get rid of makeup as it can clog pores if not properly rinsed later. For those, cleansing lotions can be a hail mary. Functioning as any normal makeup remover to get rid of surface impurities on the face, they can also help moisturize the skin like moisturizing lotions. The cherry on the cake is that it can be used by people of all skin types since it doesn’t overly dry or moisturize the skin making them one of the best ways to remove makeup.

From brightening to calming or nourishing, these Cleansing Lotions are available in multiple distinct varieties on Good Vibes making them one of the best makeup removers in India.

In case all of this information has prompted you to make an impulse buy on makeup removers, we suggest buying from the Good Vibes range of makeup cleansers. Available in plenty of different varieties, the cleansers do the job of getting rid of your makeup and moisturizing the face quite next to perfect.


Should we use makeup removers daily?

Ans: Yes, makeup removers are meant to be used on a daily basis. They provide the skin with an effective measure to remove all the makeup from your skin more so than a face wash could. It is also more hydrating and moisturising than a regular face wash performing a gentler cleansing and thus can be used daily.

Should we wash our face with face wash after using a makeup remover?

Ans: Makeup removers and soap really do the same thing- remove makeup. If your makeup remover is oil based, you should use a face wash after that to ensure all the oil residue from the remover is off your face. However, cleansing sheet masks or lotions do not require the same treatment.

What is the best way to use makeup removers?

Ans: The best way to use makeup removers is to rub the said makeup remover (cleansing oil or lotion) in a circular motion around your face and then gently use a cotton pad to remove the residue left on your face for a clear, makeup free face.

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