Removal of Your Stubborn Eye Makeup Made Easy

Best Ways To Remove Eye Makeup Naturally at Home

Removal of Your Stubborn Eye Makeup Made Easy

The next time you are removing that stubborn waterproof mascara or final crumbs of your kajal, will you remember to absolutely NOT pull the skin beneath your eye? Probably not right? Because all you want after a strenuous day at work is to just remove your make up and go to sleep which is why we need to address how to quickly and easily get rid of your eye makeup so you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror.

How To Remove Eye Makeup At Home?

Essentially, eye makeup can be removed using products like micellar water, eye makeup remover wipes and even oil. However, most of these products can cause itching to our eyes or can pull the skin around the eyelids a little too harshly. Therefore, the best solution for slowly and gently taking off eye makeup is using cleansing lotions. Cleansing lotions are specially formulated to keep in mind the fact that the process of makeup removal can be very harsh on the skin and strip it of its natural oils.

Removing eye makeup at home now can be pretty easy and efficient if you take a look at this list down below where we compiled some of our best way to remove eye makeup using these Good Vibes products.

Good Vibes Green Tea Makeup Cleansing LotionGood Vibes Green Tea Makeup Cleansing Lotion

Good Vibes Moisturizing Makeup Cleansing Lotion - Green Tea (120 ml)

Green tea has skin mitigating characteristics which help in keeping the skin seriously hydrated and absorb into your skin for decreased redness and alleviated skin. Green tea is an incredible antibacterial specialist for treating skin break out and unclogging pores, getting your makeup out with Good Vibes Green Tea Cleansing Lotion guarantees that your skin is really clear as your makeup gets off without any problem.

Good Vibes Tea Tree Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Good Vibes Tea Tree Nourishing Cleansing Oil
Good Vibes Nourishing Cleansing Oil - Tea Tree (30 ml)

Mixed with the skin fixing properties of Tea Tree, this cleansing oil detoxifies your skin and stops the skin from breaking out. Tea Tree in the mix also helps hydrate and saturate skin, diminish acne, relieve skin and furthermore add a

pretty shine to it. It likewise disposes of makeup and pollution particles present in the skin, thereby leaving your skin clear, solid and hydrated. Great Vibes Tea Tree Cleansing Oil has brilliant advantages for your skin making it an excellent eye makeup remover.

Good Vibes Nourishing Foaming Face WashGood Vibes Nourishing Foaming Face Wash

Good Vibes Nourishing Foaming Face Wash - Argan (150 ml)

Foaming face washes are gentler on the skin and thereby more effective in getting rid of the eye makeup. Providing your face with the delicate quality of mists with Good Vibes Foaming Cleanser is an instant frothing facial wash that easily eliminates soil, oil and makeup. Implanted with skin conditioners, it relaxes as it cleans without stripping skin of its regular moisture balance. The froth brings about delicate, clean skin that feels new and great! Once utilized, it guarantees that your face feels cleansed and hydrated with each utilization and the presence of instant foam makes it the best waterproof eye makeup remover.

How To Remove Eye Makeup Naturally?

We mentioned before that it is indeed possible to get rid of eye makeup naturally at home. You can do that by:


Use any oil and dab some of it on a cotton ball and rub it around in circular motions along your eye makeup to get rid of it. Oil dissolves the makeup without any harsh chemicals and softens sebum logged into your pores giving your face a thorough cleanse.

Coconut Milk:

It acts as a non-drying makeup remover for all skin types since it is extremely moisturising and like oil can help dissolve makeup. Using cotton balls dipped in coconut milk and then massaging those on your makeup can efficiently remove the stubborn makeup.

Pro Tips To Remove Eye Makeup:

Removing eye makeup can be easier if you have some pro tips to aid the process. So here is how you can effortlessly remove stubborn eye makeup:


Use A Q-tip:

For a stubborn mascara or kajal that refuses to get washed down, dip a q-tip in cleansing lotion or micellar water and rub it across the mascara to kajal. This will ensure that every last chunk of your makeup is out and help in achieving a clean face.

Press Down:

In order to remove eye makeup effortlessly, apply your makeup removing lotion to a cotton pad and put it over your eyes. Press down this pad over your eyes for 15 seconds and you fll find it easier to remove your makeup. The idea is to essentially give your make-up some time to get dissolved and prevent the unnecessary rubbing process.

These all are great recommendations and are surely worth a try. However, oil can be a risky product to use for removing makeup since it can stay lodged in your pores and cause acne. Coconut milk too can have the same reaction if your face is not thoroughly washed post use. But lucky for you, we have also suggested the all-natural, harsh chemical void Good Vibes range of makeup removers that can help you get rid of your eye makeup easily and without any hassle.

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