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5 Types Of Cleansers And How To Pick The Right One

Transform Your Cleansing Routine From A Chore To A Treat With This Star Product

To everyone that has been tired of an oily, sticky and dirty face by the end of the day, a simple face wash or makeup remover might not be enough. We brave through a ton of pollution everyday ergo, the chances of exposure towards hazardous chemicals and toxins that interact with the surface of the skin to create issues is highly credible. Consequently, one needs a product that gets rid of these particles of dirt and grit from the surface of our skin before we lather those expensive products over it. Lucky for us, the skincare industry took care of this need and gave us -Cleansing Lotion.

Importance Of Cleansing Lotions

Cleansing lotions are skin cleaning products that are formulated in different types to get rid of the impurities, makeup and pollution from the surface of the skin. Cleansing is the first and most important step of our skincare routine. Contrary to a face wash, the best cleansing lotions are simply the ones that dissolve away these environmental aggressors on the face and can even be used by those who don’t wear makeup. The idea behind it being that skincare products are absorbed better on a clean face. Cleansing helps to get rid of the dirt and impurities settled on the surface of your skin, so not just using a cleanser is important but you should also know which one to pick. Based on our findings, these are some types of cleansers that one should be looking out for.

Types Of Cleansers

Different makeup cleansers cater to different skin types and needs. They should not feel greasy or tacky on the skin after using one or have any unnecessary fragrance that may spike an irritant reaction. Cleansers are also usually gentle on the skin and do not render the skin dry, therefore, if a cleanser does not suit you well, it must be because you didn’t pick the right one. Confused? Well, let us help you understand in depth when to use cleansers and how to pick one.

Gel Cleansers:

Evidently, as the name suggests, gel cleansers have a gel-like consistency and often need rinsing off. Owing to this, they offer extreme hydration making the skin feel moist, fresh and dewy. They are also extremely effective in unclogging pores, eradicating excess oil and acne causing bacteria from your face. Ideally used by all skin types, these are perhaps the best makeup cleanser out there.

Cream Cleansers:

Rich in texture and packed with moisturization, cream cleansers are a saving grace for people with dry or sensitive skin. They do not foam or lather much ensuring that the moisture content is not stripped from your face, helping to easily get rid of excess sebum (oil) extractions and being an adept makeup remover cleanser.

Foam Cleansers:

Halfway from gel and cream-based cleansers are the foam based one, certified for people with combination skin types. These cleansers are activated into a foamy texture when they come in contact with water which helps to clear out pores, remove the dirt and makeup from the skin. It is quite the powerful cleanser so when you have had layers of makeup or too many coats of sunscreen, this is the one that gets them all.

Clay Cleansers:

We have all grown fond of clay masks and its potential exfoliating qualities. And if that is the case for you too, may we introduce you to clay cleansers? Known for their absorbing power, these cleansers work towards purifying the skin by drawing out impurities, toxins and excess oil from the skin. Best for oily, acne prone and even sensitive skin since it has no harsh acids in them, these are best for a soothing skin care ritual.

Cleansing Wipes:

No, not the ones that help you remove makeup. Cleansing wipes, rather, have a much deeper purpose. They help the skin by getting rid of impurities and cleaning the pores as well. So, on rather lazy days, when it comes to cleaning dirt or excess oil, cleansing wipes are the answer. They may not provide a thorough cleaning when compared to the rest, but sometimes, they just do the job. What’s more! You can also carry it on the go.

How To Use Cleansing Lotion?

Based on the preferred type of cleansing lotion, one question most users have is how to use cleansers and when. A cleanser is used as the first step of any makeup routine. Even if you don’t have makeup on, use a cleanser to ensure that your skin care products are absorbed properly into the deeper layers of the skin. To use it, take a small potion on hand and start rubbing it across your palms first and then over your face. Ensure that your entire face is cleaned and wiped from all the dirt and makeup and once that is done, use a face wash (for oil, gel or clay-based cleansers) or simply rinse with water.

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