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      Maintaining a good skincare routine does not simply mean including good skincare products but also cleansing your skin almost twice a day. Every moment the skin gets subjected to clogged pores and excess sun exposure causing issues like pimples, blackheads, blemishes, dark spots and even premature ageing. In order for the rest of your skincare products to function properly and to clear your skin of the dirt accumulated on its surface, cleansing is important. 

       What Are The Benefits Of A Makeup Remover? 

      Choosing the right makeup remover can really help you enhance your skincare experience to achieve healthy, glowing and beautiful skin. So here are some of the benefits of a makeup remover and why you must include it in your skincare routine: 

      • Effectively removes beauty products layered on your skin and impurities like dirt, bacteria or grime collected on the skin diminish skin issues or premature maturing. 
      • Lessen the risk of undesirable skin woes, like pimples, blemishes, acne or redness.
      • Advance cell repair and restoration to give you youthful-looking
      • Reduce or diminish the build-up of dead skin cells over its surface.
      • Trigger and stimulate microcirculation especially useful in case of products like exfoliators or clay masks or an item that should be rubbed into your face.)
      • Increase your skin's capacity to breathe and absorb products better. 

       What Are The Types Of Makeup Remover?

      Based on their method of removing makeup and how effective they can be to remove makeup from different parts of your face, here are the types of makeup remover cleansers and which one must you choose:

      1. Remover Wipes: 

      Wipes are by far the most commonly known and widely used makeup removers in the skincare industry. These cleansing wipes soaked in a makeup removing solution are extremely lightweight and portable, making them easier to carry around. Oftentimes, makeup removing wipes promise one sweep to cleanse but you still need to wash your face after using them. They act as the best eye makeup remover.

      Remover wipes are also not a great idea for people with dry skin because using them can cause redness and irritation. They are also not the best environmentally safe option available out there. So, in spite of being very convenient and effective, one can use makeup wipes while going on long-distance travels or when packing light.

      1. Micellar Water: 

      Micellar water is a solution that removes makeup using small particles called micelles. These particles help to pull dirt and excess oil away from the surface of your skin and it also dissolves your makeup, making cleaning easy. Therefore, this liquid makeup remover should be primarily used by people who apply heavy makeup. 

       Micellar water is also great for people with dry and sensitive skin because the small oil particles are hydrating rather than drying. All you will need is just a cotton pad or a clean towel and a splash of micellar water. Just clean the face with this using circular motion and it can help you get rid of the impurities. This acts as the perfect makeup remover for oily skin.

      1. Cleansing Lotions Or Balms: 

      This is like an oil makeup remover. Dry skin types tend to react a bit more harshly towards the traditional makeup removers due to the oil-absorbing agents present in them. Therefore, a milder version of these is needed for then which is where cleansing balms or creams come into the picture. These contain moisturising oils and get rid of heavy makeup and impurities. 

       To utilize, apply the makeup remover balm or makeup remover cream all around your face and rub it delicately in roundabout movements. Then use a cotton pad to eliminate the excess cream, alongside your makeup residue. Putting a cleansing balm will ensure that your skin remains the most hydrated with regard to all of the other makeup removers. 

      1. Cleansing Oils: 

      Cleansing oils are another great option to get rid of impurities while still making sure your skin is not drying. It helps to get rid of the impurities of the skin by allowing them to be comfortably rinsed away or lifted off, leaving the skin clean, dry and soft. The oils are mostly non-comedogenic meaning they don’t clog pores and can be used by people with dry to normal skin types.

      Best Recommendations For Makeup Remover

      While there are many makeup removers available on the market, there are very few available with all-natural products that will ensure safety towards your skin. Good Vibes makeup removers contain good vibes cleansing lotions like the good vibes orange blossom makeup remover, good vibes cleansing lotion green tea, good vibes cleansing lotion cherry blossom and so on.

      Good Vibes makes natural makeup removers, namely cleansing lotions and cleansing oils using natural ingredients so that your skin is not stripped off its natural oils. Using makeup remover cream from good vibes, your skin remains hydrated, soft and without any sort of irritation. So, if you are looking for a great buy on makeup removers, here we are! 

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