Best Gifts For Fathers Day in 2022

This Father’s Day, Give Your Dad the Love His Skin and Hair Require

Dad or Father might seem like a small word, but it carries a lot of meaning and responsibility. Our fathers are the most hardworking yet overlooked person in every household. Whatever they do, they do it for the well-being of their families, without asking for anything in return. However, who doesn’t love a little bit of pampering and attention? Therefore, here are some of the best father’s day gift ideas from daughters, which will make it a Happy Father’s Day in the truest sense.

Father’s Day 2022 Date and Why is it Celebrated?

It is an occasion honouring parental bonds and fatherhood and the family-dedicated mentality of every father. Senora Smart Dodd celebrated the holiday for the first time on the 3rd Sunday of June in 1908 to honour her father. In 1972, US President Richard Nixon signed a declaration for it, becoming famous worldwide. Father’s Day will be celebrated on 19th June in India this year, and it generally is commemorated on the 3rd Sunday of June every year.

Why Hair and Skincare Products are the Ideal Gifts on the Occasion of Father’s Day 2022

Our Fathers are the most selfless regarding caring for loved ones and being concerned about their well-being. They are the true superheroes of our lives, giving life to the saying ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes’. However, while taking care of their kids and loved ones, they often forget to take care of themselves, especially their skin and hair. And the general convention of overlooking the skincare and haircare needs of men also adds to the sudden emerging skin and hair issues in our dads. 

Therefore, instead of choosing gifts like wallets, watches and other accessories to pamper our fathers materialistically, we must choose something that translates into the much-needed pampering of their skin and hair. Which will not only improve the hair and skin health of our superdads, but will also express our true love and care for them, and make them cherish our presents wholeheartedly.

Ideal Hair and Skin Care Products for Father’s Day Gifts From Daughters

These are some of the best skin and hair care products to nourish and revitalise your father’s skin and make for some unique father’s day gifts.

Face Wash

Face washes are a crucial element of our daily skincare. They are not only responsible for cleaning away the excess dirt and oils from our face but also nourish, hydrate and moisturise our skin. Face washes also play a vital role in helping us get rid of our skin-related ailments like acne and breakouts. And based on the outdoor activity and exposure, face washes are excellent skincare gifts for dads. Some of our recommendations for Face washes as father’s day gifts are:


Many think sunscreen is only necessary for women and only during summers when the sun is scorching above us. However, that is not the case; regardless of gender and climate conditions, you must always wear sunscreen when leaving your house. Therefore, you must surely add sunscreen to your father’s day skincare gifts list. Some of our recommendations are:

Hair Oils

Like our skin, our hair also requires proper care and attention, a lack of which can lead to issues like dandruff, frizz and hair loss. Moreover, reduced hair care in men can lead to problems like alopecia, which is the permanent loss of hair. Therefore, adding a good nourishing hair oil to the mix is always recommended. Some of the best hair oils perfect for your father’s day gift ideas are:


Hydration and moisture play a vital role in our daily lives. High water ensures better health of our internal organs, hair and skin. Keeping our skin moisturised is essential for retaining its suppleness. And our fathers’ work generally involves countless hours of dedication and frequent outdoor visits, which can strip their skin of its natural moisture. These are some of the best moisturisers that work well as skincare gifts for dads:

Night Creams

Every person’s skin needs time to rest, repair and refresh. While our skin is tasked with this process during the night, adding a potent night cream can nourish and catalyse the process simultaneously. Additionally, our fathers are exposed to environmental pollutants and daily life stressors which cause skin damage. Hence, having a set night care routine is a must. Some of the best night creams for your father’s day skincare gift set are:

The options mentioned above can be some of the best father’s day gift idea alternatives to your traditional gifting choices. They can also add real meaning to the significance of celebrating father’s day. For your father’s day 2022 gifts, you can choose from the products mentioned above or visit our website,, to choose from the entire range of our haircare and skincare products.

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