A Detailed Guide On How To Use Facial Kits At Home

A Detailed Guide On How To Use Facial Kits At Home

The best way to unwind and relax would undoubtedly be a relaxing time at the salon for a facial. But on days when you can’t go to a spa or simply want to do a relaxing DIY facial, facial kits come most handy. They clean your skin, stimulate skin cells, hydrate and nourish the face, rejuvenate your mind and give you a younger-looking, radiant skin. So here are some simple and easy steps to pull off a simple and easy salon-like facial at home.

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Benefits Of Facial Kit

Regular facials can help you get amazing, youthful-looking skin that has an even texture, diminishes acne spots and brighten the complexion. But here are other reasons as to why you need to use a facial kit.

1 - Prevents Ageing:

The signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines can begin to appear from a very early age. To prevent that, constant regeneration of skin cells to boost the production of collagen and promote elasticity is necessary. Facial kits have the ability to do that giving you a healthy, younger-looking skin that can delay the ageing process.

2 - Detoxifies Skin:

Since dirt, oil and other impurities get accumulated on the surface of your skin, it is important to cleanse your skin every day. But for deep-seated impurities that can potentially cause breakouts, it is significant to detoxify your skin. The ingredients used in facial kits help to effectively remove toxins, clean clogged pores and remove dirt from the deepest layers of your skin giving you a clean, healthy, glowing skin.

3 - Treats Acne And Removes Blackheads:

Using facial kits on a daily basis can help you keep the skin clean and prevent breakouts. A lot of the products in the kit contain salicylic acid that helps to control the acne-causing bacteria and fades blemishes. Steaming while doing your facial or using a clay mask as a part of the procedure can help you get rid of your stubborn blackheads by opening up your pores and clearing your skin. 

4 - Increase Skin’s Absorption Potential:

Whenever your skin's surface is harsh or rough, the active ingredients in your products can't enter without any problem. With facials, your skin turns out to be clear, smooth and absorbs these products effortlessly. You will see a wonderful shine in your skin and your skin issues will turn into a relic of days gone by.

How To Choose & Use Facial Kit For Your Skin At Home

Based on your preference, skin type and skin woes, there are different types of facial kits available in the market. Some of them are simply used to clean your skin and enhance the natural glow of your face while others tackle specific skin issues. Here is how you can choose a facial kit depending on your skin type.

Facial Kit For Dry Skin:

If your focus is on getting rid of dry skin and infusing some moisture content to your skin, try using a hydrating facial kit. These work towards infusing oxygen to the skin, enhancing your radiance and slowing the process of ageing by helping your skin to retain and restore moisture.

Facial Kit For Oily Skin:

Using a facial kit for oily skin means that you want to control the production of sebum actively. Therefore, use a facial kit that has a peel-off mask to get rid of the impurities lodged in your pores, a oil-free lightweight moisturiser and salicylic acid to control acne-causing bacteria’s growth.

Facial Kit For Acne-Prone Skin:

One of the issues people with acne are riddled by are how to reduce it. So a regular use of a facial kit can help you clear your skin and get rid of the acne-causing bacteria. Use a facial kit with niacinamide, tea tree extracts or papaya to reduce your inflammation.

Facial Kit For Combination Skin:

Go for a Fruit Facial. These natural product facials go well with natural product acids like Malic, Tartaric and Citric Acids that slough off surface dead cells, unblock pores and reduce pimples and whiteheads.

Facial Kit For Dull Skin:

Pollution, dirt and hectic lifestyles can lead to surface build-up of dead cells making your complexion dull and lifeless. If your complexion looks much worse for wear, a Gold Facial is your best bet. 

How to Use Facial Kit Step by Step

Necessary Tips On How To Use Facial Kit

You will get a lot of different kinds of facial kits in the market and each will have a certain USP of their own. However, the basic application for a lot of them will remain the same. So make sure to follow these basic rules while using a facial kit at home.

  • Most facial kits will have these 5 easy steps- cleansing, exfoliating, mask, steam and massage after moisturiser. All these steps need to be applied and massaged on your skin for 5-10 minutes each.
  • Taking steam is a must while using facial kits because steam will help to deep clean your pores and get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. This process helps to open up your pores and give you a clean skin.
  • Some of the kits also suggest using ice cubes after moisturising your face to help you reduce the wrinkles in your skin and give you a tight, youthful skin.

Facial Kit: How To Use - Best Facial Kits to Use

Two of the most popular and commonly used facial kits in India are the gold facial kit and the papaya facial kit. So here is how to apply these facial kits at home.

How To Use A Diamond Facial Kit?

Rich in skin benefiting ingredients and moisturisation content, the detoxifying and skin enhancing properties of Diamond are well-known to restore the moisture of the skin and smoothen its texture. It imparts a natural radiance and glow to the skin, keeping it youthful. This facial kit brings all the natural gleam for your skin.

The Good Vibes Skin Polishing Facial Kit Diamond has 4 kinds of product in it. A skin radiance cleanser, scrub, massage cream and mask.

 Good Vibes Diamond Facial Kit Box

1 - Start with the skin polishing cleanser and thoroughly clean your skin. The cleanser helps to get rid of the debris collected on your skin and makes the skin ready for the following step.

2 - Use the scrub next that helps to get rid of the dead skin cells accumulated in your pores and exfoliates the skin well. It can also take care of rough, dull skin and even out skin complexion.

3 - It is now time for your massage cream, perhaps the most important part of your facial. Apply the cream to your face thoroughly and message it. You can use your hands or face massaging tools like gua sha.

4 - After doing the previous step for 5 or so minutes, take a steam. This will help open up your pores and get the residual impurities out of them. You can also clean your blackheads during this process.

5 - Finally, apply your radiance imparting face mask to lock in the nutrients and moisturise the skin. Keep it on for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

How To Use Gold Facial Kit?

Gold facial kit is another widely used facial kit because it is known to impart a radiant glow to our face. The brightening properties of gold are well known to give your face a seamless glow by stimulating skin cells, improving blood circulation and preventing premature ageing. So here is how you can use the Good Vibes Natural Glow Facial Kit- Gold. It also has four creams in it- a scrub, a cleanser, a massage cream and a face pack.

Good Vibes Gold Facial Kit Box

1 - Start by using the cleanser and scrub by squeezing a generous amount on your hand and applying it over your face.

2 - Rub the scrub over your face by exercising the muscles of your face to get rid of the impurities and to open up your pores.

3 - Use the massage cream next and take some steam with it to get rid of the impurities congested in your pores. Massage your pores well for at least 15-20 minutes.

4 - Apply the face pack in an even layer and rest for 15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water after that and apply a good moisturising cream to hydrate your skin later on.

Facial kits are a God send especially for people who tend to work on a time crunch and have little to no time to visit salons. The steps are easy to follow but the results are long-lasting and ensure that your skin stays in the best of its health. So when are you planning to unwind using one of our products?

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