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Shower Gels A New Bathing Experience (Complete Guide)

Everything You Need To Know About Shower Gels

While for some of us showers means pure relaxation or some precious me-time, for others it’s time for some free-style rapping in a make-belief world. Either way, bathing for every person is an individually calming experience as it is a necessity. And everyone wishes to step out of the shower smelling like a freshly bloomed flower with its scent wharfing around the whole day. Sounds filmy, right? Not really, if you have the right shower partner. So, here’s a product for you that ensures a lingering fragrance, moisturized body and a rejuvenated you- Shower Gels.

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What Are Shower Gels? 

Shower gel is a liquid soap product that is essentially an emulsion of water and soap base with an added fragrance. These gels have a thicker consistency, liquid texture and more moisturization potential which ensure that a little goes a long way. Soaps, body washes and shower gels of course fall in the same category of self-cleaning emulsions that get rid of the dirt from the surface of your body. However, soaps have a higher pH value as compared to the gels.

Difference Between Shower Gels And Body Wash

Shower gels and body wishes are both mild surfactants that cleanse the surface of the skin. The difference between shower gels and body wash is in their two textures. Body washes have a more soap-like consistency and are far more moisturizing than shower gels. Shower gels have a stronger gel-like consistency while body wash is more liquid based. As they emulsify or become foam, they are  a lot thicker than body wash and therefore are used for an extensive cleansing in the shower.

Benefits Of Shower Gels

Using shower gels means that you are using products with a deep cleansing property. But apart from it’s capability to cleanse the skin, here are some of the shower gel benefits that will have you wanting this product immediately.

Good Fragrance: 

Based on their formulation, shower gels have a mix of essential oil, fragrances and vitamins, making them and eventually you smell heavenly. Additionally, a greater variety of cosmetic and self-hygiene purposes are served because of them. For example, the Good Vibes Shower Gel collection hosts a number of gels serving multiple uses like energising, refreshing, soothing, nourishing, etc and all coming with an immaculate nature rich blend of fragrances.

More Hygienic: 

Shower gels are more hygienic in terms of common use and contamination of bath products. Soaps can be covered in dirt and body hair from other individuals, but not shower gels. This is because shower gels usually come in an easy to pump bottle and can be used as a more sanitary option.

Best For Dry Skin: 

When you have dry skin, ordinary bar soaps with a high alkaline content don’t work for you. Shower gels are meant to have hydrating ingredients meant to coat the skin and seal in the moisture so that you won’t have an irritated, flaky or red looking skin after bath. For example, the Good Vibes Softening Body Wash With Rose And Cade provides instant hydration for a soft, supple looking skin. 

How To Use Shower Gels? 

One would assume using shower gels and soaps is pretty much alike. However that isn’t exactly the case. There are certain ways one can use a shower gel to get the best out of the bottle you have picked for yourself.

Lather It Up: 

The most common yet effective technique is to emulsify the gel with water, rub it in your palms till a foamy lather is formed and spread it over your body. The foam from the gel ensures that your body smells divine throughout the day.  For most of us go getters who barely have time to shower but still want to smell good all day long, this technique works just perfect. But then again, what is the fun in that!

Use A Loofah: 

All those tantalizing soap ads have finally made their way into our bathroom! Typically made out of a thin plastic material, loofahs are used to gently exfoliate the skin all the while removing the dry dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. During dry winter months, loofahs can help get rid of dry flaky skin and some chaffing near your thighs too.  Loofahs also ensure that shower gels get foamy pretty fast resulting in a calming and fun bathing time. What’s more? In the absence of a loofah, a wash cloth can perform these exact functions and all you need is a piece of wet cotton cloth.

Body Brush: 

Cleaning our backs during shower can be quite a task for obvious reasons. That’s why body brushes. Using a body brush not only helps you clean those tough to reach areas but also gives you a feeling of a perfect bathing experience. Using the shower gel creates mild foam and uses the body brush to rub your body to get rid of the dead skin and exfoliate parts of the body your hand alone can’t reach. It upgrades your shower experience and makes you feel fresher than ever before.

Best shower gels are the ones that make you feel thoroughly rejuvenated and give a supple, smooth skin post the shower. Please note that you don’t have to get out of the shower looking red as a tomato due to all that exfoliating. Just be gentle on your skin and let the gel do its job. Your intent is to clean and exfoliate the body not leave it feeling irritated and raw.

From the plethora of shower gels available in the market, we have curated a range for you that ensures deep moisturization, nourishment and a glowing skin after every use. Good Vibes Shower Gels are amongst the best shower gels in India owing to their naturally sourced products and use of an assortment of wonderful fragrances not available anywhere else. From soothing and refreshing shower gels to softening gels, they cater to the audience of every need. Apart from imparting some much-needed hydration, these shower gels also ensure that you smell good at all times. Head over to the official Good Vibes page to know more.

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