Pave Your Way To The Best Natural Body Wash In India

Pave Your Way To The Best Natural Body Wash In India

Best organic body wash, for the perfect refreshing start to your lazy mornings

It is said correctly, "A good hot shower can dissolve any of our problems in just a few seconds." While choosing a body wash, we all wonder which body wash should we choose or what are the ingredients that we should look for, whether to choose an all-natural body wash or not and why is a body wash better than bar soap?

But first of all, let's understand what body wash is? Body wash is a gel or liquid-based cleansing medium for our body which also helps in healing various skin problems and helps in moisturizing our skin while we are in the shower.

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Benefits Of Using Natural Body Wash

We all dream of having soft and smooth skin, the harmful chemicals from the chemical-based body wash tend to strip off the natural oils of our skin and make it dull and dry. Hence it's always smart to use body wash consisting of natural ingredients for the sake of good skin health.

1) Natural ingredients are always way safer and gentler to use than some unknown chemicals that might have some adverse effect on your skin and body. Chemicals like sulfur present in body wash have no good effect on the skin and are a blessing to sensitive skin as well.

2) They are made up of organically obtained ingredients from our ecosystem and have various skin benefits. There are many herbs present in our environment that help to heal various skin diseases hence they are more than just a cleansing medium.

3) They are made up of essential oils and herbs which helps in deeply nourishing and moisturizing our skin and treating skin irritation caused due to pollution or other environmental aggressors.

4) They are free from toxins which, in the long run, may cause damage to our skin. Whereas the enriching natural ingredients used in a natural body wash helps in pampering your skin.

Body Wash vs Soap?

Why Should We Spend On A Body Wash When We Can Get Bar Soap For Way Less?

We all might have experienced this, when we buy a body wash for the first time, one very common question is always there in our minds. Why should we choose a body wash instead of a bar soap? Who is the winner for you when it’s body wash vs soap bar? Let's discuss both.

1) Body soaps are usually high in PH level which when comes in contact with our skin may disturb the PH level of our body and may cause dryness and irritation. Whereas body washes are comparatively low in PH level that helps in maintaining soft and smooth skin.

2) Body washes are way more hygienic than body soap. A body soap can get contaminated very easily due to its wet surface and multiple people using it. Whereas, this threat is not plausible in the case of a body wash and your skin might be free of the contamination of harmful bacteria.

3) Body washes are travel friendly since they usually come in a bottle which we can easily travel with. On the other hand, body soap is not at all practical to travel with as it gets messy.

4) Body soap is a bit drying and not great for sensitive skin whereas body washes due to its moisturizing properties are an amazing alternative for it.

Good Vibes Body Wash

Why to use products filled with chemicals which may harm your skin, when you can choose the natural alternative. We came up with a few options of the best body wash without chemicals for you to choose from.

1) Good Vibes Refreshing Shower Gel - Lavender & Mint:

Good Vibes Refreshing Shower Gel - Lavender & Mint

The beautiful, calming and divine fragrance of lavender in this body wash helps to relax and calm your senses and refresh your body. Lavender has many benefits. It has skin healing, soothing, skin lightening and various other properties. Mint as one of the ingredients also helps in relaxing your mind. It is also widely known for its cooling properties that help to calm itchy and dry skin.

2) Good Vibes Refreshing Shower Gel - Lemon:

Good Vibes Refreshing Shower Gel - Lemon

Lemon is again a really good medium for relaxing your mind. It's also a good source of vitamin C which is an amazing ingredient for maintaining good skin health. This lemon-infused body wash is also great for reducing skin inflammation, redness, and body acne.Lemon is a wonderful natural antioxidant so body wash infused with it may also help reduce skin damage and control oil production.

3) Good Vibes Super Soothing Shower Gel (Body Wash) - Sandalwood & Vetiver:

Good Vibes Super Soothing Shower Gel (Body Wash) - Sandalwood & Vetiver

With the soothing property of sandalwood and vetiver, this is the best body wash for dull and tired skin. Sandalwood is best for restoring moisture to the skin and increasing skin elasticity. Vetiver present in this body wash helps to maintain skin pH level and even out our skin tone. Due to its cooling properties, it eliminates sunburn and soothes redness. It is gentle on skin so it is great for sensitive skin too.

4) Good Vibes Rejuvenating Shower Gel (Body Wash) - Green Tea:

Good Vibes Rejuvenating Shower Gel (Body Wash) - Green Tea

Green tea present in this body wash has various skin benefits. It helps to refresh and energize you after a long day of work. It is great for preventing many skin diseases including melanoma, dermatitis, eczema, etc. It also fights premature aging, reduces redness, irritation, treats acne and moisturizes skin. With the properties of green tea, a shower with this body wash is the best start to your lazy mornings.

5) Good Vibes Nourishing Shower Gel - Cade Rose:

Good Vibes Nourishing Shower Gel - Cade Rose

Apart from its beautiful fragrance, Rose also has multiple skincare benefits. It has various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that moisturizes dry and dull skin. It also prevents skin infections caused by parasites. This Good Vibes body wash nourishes your body and leaves behind a beautiful fragrance that will last all day long with you.

If you are excited to make your shower even more fun and luxurious and get all the skincare benefits present in all-natural ingredients without worrying of skin damage, visit the Good Vibes page to buy your perfect shower partner and make your way to the divine bathing experience with the goodness of nature.

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