Butter Up Best Body Butters For Soft, Smooth Skin

Butter Up Best Body Butters For Soft, Smooth Skin

Body Butters A Moisturisation So Intense You’ll Keep Wanna Coming Back

Taking care of your skin can be quite a challenge at times. Dry skin, rough patches and harsh weather conditions can make your skin extremely abysmal. In such circumstances, normal lotions aren’t of much use. Thankfully, we have body butters- a perfect blend of deeply moisturising ingredients that give you soft, hydrated skin with an alluring smell. As it is relatively new to the world of skincare, many people often ask- what is body butter used for? Let us answer that for you. Body butter is a nutrient-dense cream rich in natural oil, emollients and butter meant to nourish your skin from within. They are generally used by people who have dry skin or in the winters when the skin gets too dry.

5 Best Body Butters Available In India

A small amount of body butter can be used by everyone to gain prolonged hydration. Keeping this in mind, Good Vibes has specially curated this list for you, so you and your skin can be smooth like butter.

British Rose Radiance Imparting Body Butter:

If you have a rough texture and dry skin, this is the absolute perfect body butter you need. It contains highly moisturising ingredients that help retain the moisture of your skin, smoothens the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It is also extremely lightweight on the skin and can therefore naturally impart a glow to it. This body butter use will ensure your skin looks healthy, nourished and that you smell like an absolute goddess.

Strawberry Smoothening Body Butter:

The ever intoxicating smell of strawberries makes you wish that you, too, can smell the same. What if we tell you too, can smell like strawberries! The Good Vibes body butter is infused with the remarkable scent of strawberries, as well as its health benefits. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C that helps in nourishing and revitalising the skin. This body butter is also incredibly mild on the skin and is known to brighten your skin. Apart from this, they also aid to reduce dark spots, making the skin smoother, radiant and fresh.

Havana Mango Ultra-Moisturising Body Butter:

Apart from thoroughly enjoying the summer fruit for its incredible taste, mangoes are also packed with several beauty benefits. They have an abundance of Vitamin C, E and A which help in the production of collagen. The high amount of antioxidants also help in preventing the early signs of ageing and protect the skin from sun damage. Mango is a rich source of mangiferin, an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of cellular damage and prevent diseases like cancer. This Good Vibes body butter nourishes your skin and leaves an alluring scent lingering on you.

Choco Coffee Nourishing Body Butter:

Coffee oil is popular with cellulite as it supports the integrity of the skin and makes it more supple and soft. The butter in itself is intensely moisturising and endows the skin with a smooth texture and youthful brilliance. The added cocoa butter in this maintains the elasticity of the skin, imparts prolonged hydration and softens the skin. As a result, this Choco Coffee Body Butter helps to heal dry patches, rough skin and gives you skin that is visibly clever and even more nourished.

Almond Age Defying Body Butter:

Almonds have a variety of benefits when included in your diet. Some say they are good for your memory. However, very few people know almonds are used in many of our skincare practices too. Almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E that are known to block the free radicals to fight skin damage and slow the process of ageing. The Vitamin B present in them in the form of Riboflavin contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin. And finally, they also contain healthy fats like Omega 3 Fatty Acids that can help to improve the texture of your skin. This butter for skin is surely a wonder formula made to strengthen your skin cells and keep them moisturised and nourished.

If you too are eager to take advantage of the innumerable body butter benefits and smell perfectly divine, hop on to the Good Vibes page to find your choice of fragrance amongst some of their best body butter and make way for soft, supple skin.

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