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3 Main Reasons To Have Hair Mist In Your Daily Regime

Given the crazy lifestyle we lead, adulterated food we eat, along with the repercussions of the pollution and dust, which together makes it difficult to care for our hair, paying attention to hair and maintaining a good hair care regime appears like a difficult task.


Many people will attest to the fact that the ramifications on pollution and dust are so rampant and pervasive that no sooner does one wash and deep condition the hair, does it become dirty again. However, to deal with this challenge, respite comes in the form of hair mist, an underrated beauty product, which has been specifically curated to keep those locks smelling fresh, good and healthy.


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What Is Hair Mist:

Hair mists are a lightweight, multitasking hair product that gives shine and finish to the hair. They act like face mists, but for the hair, by giving it an instant new scent and add life to dry, dull hair. Simply put, hair mist is a kind of hair perfume that also contains certain beneficial oils which benefit the hair.


Stylists these days also suggest applying hair mists after styling the hair for a glossy and silky look. Now, let’s figure out the other uses of hair mists:


Top 3 Benefits Of Hair Mists:

1. Hair Mists Suits All Hair Types

Hair mists are generally used by people who have an oily scalp, since they experience more build up. It's also used by those whose hair is coarse, curly and prone to damage.


They aid in nourishing and enriching hair, especially those with dry hair. It’s also good for those people who do not wash their hair very frequently, owing to a build-up of cooking fumes and dust, which gets collected in the hair. Hence, everyone can use a hair mist!


2. Instantly Revitalize Your Hair with a Hair Mist

Most people think that hair mists only tend to dampen their hair and give it a glow. But hair mists also contain enriching oils, known to provide deep nourishment to the hair. Of course, hair mist use won’t substitute for what hair oils can do, but if on a particular day, your hair is looking dull and rough, they can definitely add more sleekness to it.


They are also used to protect dyed hair, minimise static and detangle and hydrate those damaged tresses.


3. Hair Mists Tame Unruly Tresses

You can’t wash your hair daily and on certain occasions, you may observe that your hair that was looking gorgeous when you left home, can appear dull or greasy by the time you reach your workplace.


You may not have much time in your hand to fix this and that’s when hair mist sprays come into play. It’s easy and quick to apply and only a few spritzes can leave your hair looking shiny and lustrous all day long.


Good Vibes has an impressive range of the best hair mists, catering to every need. There is one for nourishing the hair, for frizz free treatment, damage control and also for shiny hair.


Each is enriched with different extracts like brahmi, arnica, banana and bhringraj to give your hair the necessary nourishment it needs. Summers are here and so is excessive sweat, sun damage and frequent oily scalps. Add these good-vibes hair mists to your cart now to make sure your hair always smells good and feels fresh.


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