Face mists and how to use them

Top 6 Benefits of Face Mists that you don't want to miss

What is a Face Mist?

Face mists are fluids containing moisturizing solutions that you can use by misting on the face with the help of a bottle or an atomizer. They soothe the skin, and provide instant hydration, refreshment and rejuvenation. Apart from that, they also help in tightening pores, setting makeup, nourishing the skin and giving it a healthy overall glow. All in all, mists are so resourceful that they can be used between skincare, over and under makeup and even to dilute other products like foundations.

Uses of a Face Mist?

Face mists can be helpful in numerous ways, not only in traditional skin care, but also in one’s makeup routine. Here are a few ways you can do that.

1.Instantly Refreshes Skin:

Imagine you are in the sun- all sweaty, worked up and immensely dehydrated. Your skin feels dirty and the makeup you have applied in the morning seems weary. In these moments, using a nice spritz of a face mist can give your skin instant hydration and refreshment, rejuvenating your mood pretty quickly. It also helps in revitalizing the skin and restoring the radiance of your face.

2. Helps Seal Hydration:

A face mist containing emollients like shea butter or coconut oil can help in extra hydration of the face. Certain clarifying mists can also help treat acne breakouts and tighten the pores. Using a face mist can give your skin a non-greasy look as compared to applying a moisturizer. Applying one before makeup or after your skincare routine doesn't let the hydration escape from the face.

3. Helps Dilute A Thick Cream:

Sometimes, the consistency of a foundation or a lotion can be too thick. Face mists can be used to dilute the texture of the product, since it contains water. For example, using a face mist for an opaque matte foundation can make the foundation hydrating and glowing with a sheer tint.

4. Acts As A Mini Sheet Mask:

Facial mists can be used on top of a dry face mask or on multiple cotton pads, making an instant DIY sheet mask. It hydrates the skin and is a fun way to include face mists in your skincare routine.

5. As A Makeup Booster:

Face mists can be an essential part of one’s makeup routine. Used before makeup, a face mist can help in acting as a primer, thereby giving your make up products a more smooth and hydrated canvas to work on. It can also be used after makeup to help it last longer.

6. Helps Soothe Irritated Skin:

If you have sensitive skin, using a face mist can help soothe the redness, itchiness and inflammation due to its cooling properties. Using a face mist after a mild sunburn or using it as a liquid ingredient for your face masks can relieve the inflamed skin and can provide the skin tissue with some much-needed hydration.

Face mists, if used in the summer, can provide your skin with enough moisturization. You don’t have to constantly keep washing your face and reapplying your makeup. Instead, just sprinkling your face with a mist can make your skin look radiant all throughout the day. Good Vibes has a vast range of face mists from rosemary to lavender and mint to assure you have a splash of reinvigoration anytime you need.

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