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Best Night Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

At night, our skin has the opportunity to repair itself, renew, & regenerate new cells. While we sleep, our bodies increase blood flow to the skin, which causes the skin to produce new collagen & prevent sagging. This is why it is believed that our nighttime skincare routine for oily skin may have the most significant impact on it when we sleep. 

A night face routine for oily skin focuses on hydrating and healing our skin, making it brighter and firmer. We can assist our largest organ heal itself quickly & effectively by following a suitable nighttime skincare routine.

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Benefits Of Nighttime Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

During the day, our skin is exposed to toxins, UV rays, pollution & gunk, which causes clogged pores and excess oil accumulation. Oily skin can be exceptionally bothersome, and exorbitant sebum production on our skin can result in acne & other skin ailments. Therefore, we need to commit to an oil-busting night care routine for oily skin to help get rid of grease and keep it looking fresh throughout the day.

Our skin has the most time to breathe and mend itself at night. Whether you have oily skin or your skin is changing due to the weather, the appropriate skincare products may help enhance the overall health of your skin.

Step By Step: Nighttime Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin 

To obtain healthy, radiant, acne-free skin, night care for oily skin may include a few steps. Let's talk about it.

1. Get Rid Of Makeup: 

Make it a habit to never sleep in your makeup. As soon as we return home, we should always prioritise makeup removal. It is the initial step in a nightly skincare routine. Use micellar water or a non-drying makeup remover. It removes makeup and eliminates dirt, dust, and filth.

Recommended Products: Green Tea Moisturizing Makeup Cleansing Lotion & Cherry Blossom Skin Calming Makeup Cleansing Lotion

2. Cleansing: 

We may assume that cleaning is unnecessary after using micellar water. But that is not the case. There is still some residue on our faces, enough to block pores and cause acne. After removing makeup, it is essential to wash your face with a mild cleanser to get squeaky clean skin.

Recommended Products:Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash & Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Wash

3. Toning: 

Toning is the third and most crucial stage in detoxifying our faces. This step is essential in the best night skincare routine for oily skin. A toner removes debris, filth, and oil accumulation deep within our pores and is ideal for oily skin since it controls excess sebum secretion. It also aids in the maintenance of our skin's pH level.

Recommended Products:Tea Tree Cleansing Toner & Neem & Tulsi Glow Toner

4. Serum:

A serum is quite helpful in dealing with our skin troubles since it deeply penetrates our skin and addresses the underlying source of the skin issue. A serum may be used all over your face for a healthy glow or specifically on problem areas of skin like acne or hyperpigmentation.

Recommended Products: Vitamin C Glow Face Serum & Skin Glow & Oil Control Serum

5. Moisturisation: 

Moisturisers nourish your skin and help in skin healing. Use a night cream to moisturise your skin at night, and to minimise excessive shine and stickiness, choose a lightweight, non-greasy alternative. Oily skin responds well to water-based moisturisers.

Recommended Products: Nourishing Night Cream & Revitalizing Night Cream

6. Under Eye Cream:

Many of us neglect this product because we believe that a moisturiser is sufficient. However, the skin around our eyes is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of our face, and it is more prone to wrinkles. Choose a product containing peptides that boost skin moisture and reduce fine lines.

Recommended Products: Good Vibes Under Eye Serum - Cucumber & Lemon

7. Lip Balm: 

Our lips, like our skin, are susceptible to filth and pollution, causing them to become dry and chapped. To obtain smooth pink lips, use a honey-sugar scrub while washing your face and a natural lip balm or ghee overnight on your lips to wake up with the perfect lips.

Recommended Products: Cranberry Brightening Lip Balm & Cocoa Butter Lip Balm


Nighttime skincare routine for oily skin can be performed after a long day of work or at least 4 hours before bedtime. You will undoubtedly eliminate many skin issues by developing and adhering to an appropriate nighttime skincare regimen. Visit Good Vibes Only to purchase goods for your routine.

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