Benefits of Night Face Mask Decoded

Benefits of Night Face Mask Decoded

Throughout the day, while you are working, cooking or finishing all the chores, unknown to you, your skin is silently absorbing toxic chemicals, dirt and pollution, in addition to all the makeup on your face. In such circumstances, it is important that you have a night time skincare regime, where you spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating the skin, while also giving it some love. In today’s day and age, the beauty industry has branched so vastly that every skin problem has a solution.


Products developed are hybrid in nature, which sometimes makes it confusing to figure out that from among the humongous list of beauty products, what is that one definitive item that must be included in our everyday regime. We would like to tell you that an overnight face mask is that one item that must be present in your nighttime skincare regime.


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What Is An Overnight Mask?

An overnight face mask is designed with ingredients which penetrate into your skin and is applied before going to bed. Unlike other types of masks, which need to be removed after a while, you must leave this mask overnight and wash it off in the morning. These act as both a barrier and a sealant and are used during night so that it can help repair, relax and heal your skin.


Studies have shown that cells regenerate at night and wearing an overnight sleeping mask lends a helping hand to the whole process. They accelerate the cell turnover and balance hydration between skin cells.


Unlike moisturisers or night creams, a night facial mask has one specific job: to seal and optimise the use of your serums, creams and toners. They ensure that these products, along with the active agents included in the mask reach the deeper layers of your skin, thereby resulting in a plump, brighter looking face.


How Does An Overnight Face Mask Help The Skin?

An overnight face mask can work wonders for your skin as it helps heal the skin overnight and seal other skin care products to do their job better. But in doing so, not only does it increase the hydration potential of the skin, but also helps slow down pre-mature aging.


Since these masks have cell bearing hydration potential, it means that you will wake up with a youthful looking radiant face. They also support collagen production, help smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles, and can lock in moisture for about 8 hours. They usually have a gel-like tendency and therefore, are a bliss for people with dry skin, who hate applying layers of facial oils and serums.


This is almost like a one-stop solution to nourished and hydrated skin. It does not leave a greasy coating on your face and can easily help your facial muscles relax putting you in a deeper state of rest.


How often can you wear a Night Mask?

Are sleeping masks like serums or facial oils that can be used only once or twice in a week?


Absolutely not. Using a light sleeping mask that also hydrates your skin, along with curing it can be worn daily. You can use it after thoroughly cleaning your face and applying the rest of your beauty products, while skipping the moisturiser and using a night facial mask in its place.


Since they do already hydrate the skin for you, it is recommended that you check the hydration level with respect to the other products you are applying on your face, since you don’t want to congest your face with too many products. But, the best thing about these masks is that in case you forget to wash this thing off in the morning, there’s nothing to worry about. The mask already has seeped into your skin, doing your work for you, so they need not be washed off necessarily.


Sleep masks encourage a minimalist skincare routine and this is something we are looking for. Therefore, Good Vibes brings about a range of sleeping masks that are uniquely formulated to match all your skin care worries. From oil control to age defying to depigmentation, they have a pretty exciting range that is available at an extremely affordable range.

Check the Good Vibes official page to know more about these and to add them in your shopping cart, now!


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