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Best Natural Hair Serums in India (According to Hair Type and Concern)

In the highly stressed world, we occupy today, and the increasing pollution, shampoos and conditioners are not enough. And this is where hair serums come into the picture. They are excellent hair care products that you can employ for varied uses depending on the needs of your hair. 

Organic hair serums can have added benefits as they are free of harmful chemicals that can cause additional damage to your locks. Let’s glance through some of the benefits of using natural hair serums and understand how to choose the best serum according to your haircare needs.


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Benefits of Natural Hair Serums

Hair serums are formulated keeping the varied needs and hair types in mind to help you make your hair supple and healthy. They help smoothen the hair while adding a natural shine and making them frizz-free. Hair serums also reduce hair damage by nourishing dry hair and protecting it from environmental pollution.

How to Choose Best Natural Hair Serum?

Choosing the best product can often be a challenging task due to the numerous options available on the market. However, you can simplify this process by identifying your hair type and your hair concerns. The guide to help you select an ideal organic hair serum according to your hair type or hair concern is:

Choose Hair Serum According to Hair Type:


1 - Hair Serum For Dry Hair - If your hair is drier, you should select hair serums with silicon-based formulations to help lock the moisture.

2 - Hair Serum For Dull Hair - Serums that contain argan oil or olive oil are ideal for people having dull hair as they can add instant shine to their locks.

3 - Hair Serum For For Curly Tresses - Products infused with jojoba oil or sweet almond oil work best on curly tresses.

4 - Hair Serum For Coloured or Chemically Treated Hair - If your hair is coloured or chemically treated, it is best to refer to the product label and check for its suitability, as harsh ingredients can cause damage to the already damaged hair strands.

Choose Hair Serum According to Hair Concerns.

For Frizz Control - look for hair serums containing moisturising ingredients such as essential oils and natural moisturisers.

For Dull Hair - Products rich in proteins can help people fight dull hair most effectively.

5 Best Natural Hair Serums That You Should Try in 2022 

1. Hair Serum for Smooth Hair

Give your hair the dose of detangling with the Good Vibes Plus Hair Serum, Protecting + Nourishing – Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil. It is the best natural hair serum as it cuts through the frizz and gives you smooth hair in seconds. Infused with the benefits of argan oil and macadamia oil, it provides the nourishment and cares your mane needs.

Good Vibes Plus Hair Serum, Protecting + Nourishing – Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil

2. Serum for Frizz-Free Locks

This hair serum is ideal for reversing the damage and restoring the health of your locks. The Good Vibes Argan + Vitamin E – Revitalising + Frizz-Free Hair Serum eliminates frizz and makes them more manageable without weighing them down. It is the best organic hair serum for restoring hair health.

Good Vibes Argan + Vitamin E – Revitalising + Frizz-Free Hair Serum


3. Moisturising Hair Serum

With almond and argan oil at its core, this hair serum provides intense nourishment and hydration to your dry tresses. Damage and dryness caused due to environmental stressors or heat styling; it is the best hair serum for moisturising your hair. The Good Vibes Plus Argan + Almond – Nourishing and Moisturising Hair Serum is made from hair-loving ingredients to give your hair the love and care they deserve.

Good Vibes Plus Argan + Almond – Nourishing and Moisturising Hair Serum

4. Shine Imparting Hair Serum

The argan oil of this hair serum helps in deep conditioning hair, protecting them from damage, while the rose hip contents help to add a natural shine and add elasticity to your locks. The Good Vibes Plus Argan + Rose Hip – Softening + Shine Imparting Hair Serum infuses your hair follicles with softness to make them look shiny and bouncy. It is one of the best serums for natural hair that adds additional nourishment and hydration to your mane.

Good Vibes Plus Argan + Rose Hip – Softening + Shine Imparting Hair Serum

5. Hair Serum for Nourished Tresses

Infused with the goodness of argan and coconut, the Good Vibes Plus Argan + Coconut – Frizz-Free + Nourishing Hair Serum imparts in-depth nourishment and helps tame the frizz. The added benefits of jojoba oil and walnut oil add conditioning and moisturisation to your locks. It is one of the ideal serums for natural hair.

Good Vibes Plus Argan + Coconut – Frizz-Free + Nourishing Hair Serum

Why Choose Good Vibes Hair Serums?

All Good Vibes products are made of natural ingredients, so you never have to worry about triggering hair and skin sensitivity while working on your hair care. Our hair serums are also free of animal cruelty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What can you use to replace hair serums?

There is no replacement product that you can use on your hair to get similar outcomes as that of hair serums. However, following a few simple steps, you can make your hair serums from ingredients readily available in the pantry.


Q2. Can I replace aloe vera gel as a hair serum?

Direct application of aloe vera gel might not replicate the effects of using hair serums on your hair. But, if you mix aloe vera gel with the preferred natural fragrance and carrier oils of your choice, you can quickly make your DIY hair serum at home.


Q3. Can I use homemade hair serums daily?

There are no adverse effects of using homemade hair serums daily. Since they are made of 100% natural ingredients from your pantry, they are less likely to trigger allergies and cause irritation and redness.


Q4. Can I use hair serum every day?

According to experts, hair serums should be restricted to particular days or occasions. But, if you have incredibly unmanageable and frizzy hair, using an oil-based hair serum daily can help.

While hair serums are not some miracle products, adding them to your hair care routine has its benefits. Natural hair serums have their own set of added benefits to our hair. You can either make your homemade hair serum for application or choose from the products we recommend above. Good vibes is your one-stop shop for fulfilling all your haircare and skincare needs.

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