The phenomenal benefits of papaya decoded

The phenomenal benefits of papaya decoded

It’s a fact well-known that the food we consume directly impacts various aspects of our health, especially fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and nutrients that provide the essential nutrients required for a healthy body, flawless looking skin and strong, lustrous hair. Therefore, it’s important to include the right food for a healthy life.


Every year, markets are flooded with seasonal fruits and vegetables to be eaten during a particular time, for example watermelon and mangoes during summer and the wonder fruit Papaya, which is well-known for its health benefits and has amazing results when applied in skincare and beauty.


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Papaya For Day To Day Problems

Papaya is good for health, due to benefits like helping with gastrointestinal problems, inducing periods, relieving toothache, improving immunity and many others.


Papaya For Major Health Problems

Apart from these day-to-day problems, the benefits of papaya are witnessed as far as aiding some major health problems like heart diseases, muscular degeneration, balancing and improving blood sugar. What’s more, it is also believed to fight cancer. In fact, papaya is so prodigious, that every part of the plant, from its leaves, to the fruit are used to treat problems like dengue fever.


Benefits Of Papaya Juice

Papaya juice are used in bolstering eyesight and easing menstrual cramps. The fruit is also rich in potassium, Vitamin A, C and K, along with having digestive enzymes and antioxidants, which is the reason for its vast usage in health and skincare.

Barring papaya health benefits, it is also useful in giving life to the skin and hair by supplying it with necessary nutrients and curing several issues related to them.

Let us understand the benefits of papaya for skin and hair:


Top 6 Benefits of Papaya for Skin and Hair

1 - Papaya Reduces Signs of Ageing

Much of skin damage and premature ageing can be attributed to cell degeneration, due to free radical exchange. Papaya, being rich in antioxidants, is known to fight this problem, thereby helping the skin to remain youthful and smooth. The vitamin C in the fruit also improves the elasticity of the skin, by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


2 - Acne Control with Papaya

Enzymes in papaya, like papain and chymopapain are known to help decrease inflammation and redness. In fact, these enzymes are found in many products for its effect in treating visible acne marks. The presence of vitamin A in its topical form, Retinol is known to treat and prevent acne skin lesions, thereby giving us more reason and benefit of eating papaya.


3 - Papaya Treats Sunburn and Tan

Another reason why this fruit is good for skincare, is owing to its ability in reducing tan. It’s enzyme papain has efficient skin lightening properties that help in removing sun tan as well. Due to its cooling properties, it can be used to effectively soothe sunburn, redness and inflammation.


4 - Papaya as Exfoliators

Papaya skin benefits are also due to the fruit's exfoliating quality, which can be credited to the enzyme Papain, which is found in the fruit. This enzyme can effectively remove dry and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and give a brightening effect to the face. This also helps in unclogging the pores, excess oil secretions and cleaning the dirt and pollution off your face.


5 - Papaya Anti-dandruff Solution

Dandruff is generally triggered by a fungus, causing an itchy and flaky scalp. Papaya being rich in antioxidants and B complex vitamins, like flavonoids can help in eradicating the dandruff and treating one’s dry tresses, due to the potent antibacterial and antifungal traits.


6 - Papaya Nourishes Hair

Another benefit of papaya for hair is that it can help in nourishing the hair, due to its rich supply of Vitamin A and C. It conditions dry and dull hair, nourishing the hair from roots to ends and can be productive in reducing split-ends and hair loss. It also helps in promoting the growth of hair follicles and growing those waves with added moisture and softness.


The beauty and skincare industry has welcomed the papaya fruit benefits in such a way that so many brands have now started to include the fruit’s extracts in their products. And rightly so! Papaya is a plant that has uses for almost all of its parts, from leaves to the fruit.


Good Vibes too, has a Papaya range that includes everything from a scrub to gel. It has every element one needs in their skin and hair for they know and understand the benefits of papaya for face, skin and hair. So, stop looking further and go buy these now!


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