Are hair removal creams better than threading or waxing?

Are hair removal creams better than threading or waxing?

Most of us will attest to the fact that our first waxing/ threading experience was a nightmare. However, in spite of receiving numerous warnings that it’s not worth the pain and even seeing other women screaming in pain at the beauty parlour, it’s surprising how many women still experiment with different hair removal methods. But does the price of beauty really have to be that high and painful? Apparently not.


Hair removal creams are NOW the game changers in modifying the ancient processes of waxing and threading, in order to have a face and body devoid of hair, and what’s best about it is that it’s practically pain-free!


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Benefits Of Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams are a quick and painless way of getting rid of body hair. They are made with certain chemicals that help break down the keratin protein in your hair follicles to eventually dissolve them.


The process of using these creams is also very easy: just leave them on for 3-10 mins (depending on what the packaging says) and then rinse them off to see depilated skin. Apart from that, they are easily accessible, inexpensive and can be done easily.


No more prior salon appointments or anything, just a quick and easy way to achieve clean shaven skin.


Are Hair Removal Creams Safe To Use?

Hair removal creams use an alkaline solution to break down keratin, the protein present in the hair follicles. It reduces them into a jelly-like consistency that can be later rinsed off from the body.


Most importantly, there are no rigorous chemicals in these creams that will affect your skin badly. To be on a safer side though, it has been always recommended to do a patch test before applying these products on your skin. This is so because in certain creams, there may be a chemical that is not suitable for your skin, and therefore, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


How Are Hair Removal Creams Better Than Threading Or Waxing?

The debate about which hair removal technique is better has been going on for some time and therefore, it’s important to know their pros and cons before making a decision.


Con's Of Waxing

Waxing requires pouring hot wax over your skin and can result in burns, which can cause redness and irritation.


It’s highly possible that waxing can cause serious allergic reactions, bleeding and scarring if not done right.


It can also be the reason for inflamed hair follicles, ingrown hair and skin rashes. Not to forget the amount of pain it causes.


Con's Of Threading

Threading, quite like shaving, only removes hair from the surface, which means that it needs to be done regularly, otherwise the hair will start growing back.


The pain a person undergoes while threading differs from person to person, but threading can cause redness and itchiness and definitely does sting a lot.


It may also leave the skin with minor cuts, if not done by an experienced professional.


Both these hair removal techniques seem very painstaking and annoying. So much, just to have these little hairs off our body? Doesn’t seem right. Therefore, Hair removal creams are the best technique to remove hair.


Pros of Hair Removal Creams

They penetrate below the skin to remove hair and leave you stubble-free for a long time.


The hair will be much finer when it grows back and the removal will last much longer as compared to traditional threading methods.


They are also known to block the enzyme for hair growth on your body and the scraping action during the hair removal also works on removing the dead skin layer off your skin, giving your bright arms and legs.


Good Vibes offer some of the best hair removal cream and they are available in 4 different varieties. All these creams are good and also leave the skin looking smooth and glowing after every use.


The variants are available in strawberry, lemon, sandalwood and rose, and all of them have skin brightening, soothing and moisturising properties. It comes with a spatula that makes the application and removal easy and causes no itchiness or redness. So, say goodbye to those salon appointments and buy these hair removal creams from Good Vibes, now!


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