Benefits of Using Sunscreen

      While we all use sunscreens to protect ourselves from getting exposed to harmful UV rays during summer we often forget that we are susceptible to the harm caused by UV rays, even during monsoons and winters. Therefore, to protect our skin from getting damaged and reduce the risk of chronic skin problems, we must apply sunscreen to our skin every day in every season. These are a few reasons that can help you understand why daily sunscreen application is essential:

      • They prevent skin discolouration
      • They protect skin from sunburns
      • They reduce the risk of skin cancer
      • They prevent premature ageing of the skin
      • They reduce skin inflammation

      Types of Sun Protection Cream

      There are two kinds of sunscreen lotions widely available: mineral sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. The primary difference between these sunscreen creams is their mechanism to filter UV rays and protect us from them. Some pros and cons of each sunscreen type are:

      Mineral Sunscreens:

      • Pros: Provides Complete Protection from UVA and UVB rays; Immediate effect; Does not clog pores; Contains zinc dioxide or titanium dioxide as active ingredients, which have been used to protect UV rays for centuries.
      • Cons: Needs frequent reapplication; Might leave a white cast on the skin; Spray and loose powder formulations should be avoided.

      Chemical Sunscreens:

      • Pros: Less Product is needed; Thinner and easier to spread on the skin; Invisible after application; Absorbs UV rays, turns them into heat, and releases the converted heat from the body.
      • Cons: Does not block UVA completely; Takes time to get effective; Can cause acne, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems.

      Choosing Sunscreen Creams Ideal for Your Skin

      We all have different skin types. Thus, we need products that cater specifically to ours. The same stands true while selecting the perfect sunscreen lotions or creams for your skin. So, here is the key to choosing a sunscreen ideal for your skin type:

      Sunscreen for Dry Skin –

      If you have dry skin, you need a sunscreen that can also act as a moisturiser. Our recommendation for the good vibes sunscreen for dry skin: Good Vibes SPF 30 PA +++ UVA & UVB Protection Broad Spectrum Gel Creme Sunscreen.

      Sunscreen for Oily Skin or Acne-Prone Skin –

      If your skin is oily or acne-prone, you must consider using water-based sunscreens, such as sunscreen gels. Our recommendation for the good vibes sunscreen for oily skin is – Good Vibes SPF 50 PA +++ UVA & UVB Protection Broad Spectrum Gel Creme Sunscreen

      Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin –

      You have to avoid sunscreen creams or lotions containing alcohol, fragrances, or oxybenzone, in case you have sensitive skin. We recommend trying our good vibes wide spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 if you have sensitive skin.

      While you must consider your skin type and choose the sunscreen accordingly, there are differences in men's and women's skin. Therefore, you must find the ideal sun cream for women or men, depending on who will use it.

      Additionally, you must ensure that the SPF contents are proportional to the amount of time you spend outdoors. Here is a brief understanding of what SPF is and how to choose the SPF ideal for your needs.

      What is SPF?

      According to US FDA, SPF or Sun Protection Factor measures the amount of UV radiation required to cause sunburns on protected skin relative to the amount of UV radiation needed to have the same results on unprotected skin. As the SPF value increases, its effectiveness and protection against sunburns increases.

      Choosing SPF According To Your Needs

      Depending on your exposure to the sun and the amount of time you generally spend outdoors, here is what SPF content is suitable for you:

      • In ordinary to moderate sun exposure daily, you can choose a sun protection cream having an SPF between 15 and 25. Sunscreens with SPF 15 provide 94 to 95% protection from UV rays.
      • If you stay outdoors for prolonged periods and are exposed to the sun for long, you must select a sunscreen with 30+ SPF content. Sunscreens with 30 or higher SPF contents provide 96% protection from UV rays.

      Additionally, you must always buy 'Broad-spectrum' products while buying sunscreens, as they offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

      Why Choose Good Vibes Sunscreen?

      All the products at Good Vibes are manufactured paraben-free and cruelty-free. To add to that, here are some of the salient features of our good vibes sunscreens:

      • ‘Wide Spectrum’ sunscreens.
      • SPF contents over 30.
      • Non-greasy.
      • Low Cost

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q 1 - Do I need to apply sunscreen every day?

      Ans - It is essential to apply sunscreens every day to protect your skin from damage. Furthermore, it has to be repeatedly used on your skin every 2 hours for best results.

      Q 2 - When to apply sunscreen?

      Ans - It is ideal for applying sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. This ensures that it is absorbed into the skin and not washed away as you sweat. Reapplication of sunscreen after strenuous activity is required as the moisture caused by the action can wash the sun protection cream away. Application of sunscreens while wearing headgear or other accessories is essential.

      Q 3 - Should I wear makeup, moisturiser or lotion over the sunscreen?

      Ans - It is not recommended to use makeup, moisturisers, or other beauty/skincare products on top of the sunscreen. It can cause the sunscreen to dilute, impacting its efficiency.

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