Preventing Dry Skin This Dry Season

Winter Skin Care Routine Step By Step

Preventing Dry Skin This Dry Season

The onset of harsh winters means one and one thing only- dry skin. It’s almost like your skin is inevitably cognizant of the slightest drop in the temperature and goes from being glossy and hydrated to dry, rough and dull. Over the years, this has grown into a fully-fledged routine of your skin requiring some much needed TLC as soon as the air turns a little chilly and what better solution than to take a deep dive into all our hydrating products and establish a winter skincare routine so moisturising that our skin never feels dried out.

Winter Skin Care Routine

This chill in the air doesn’t have to put a damper on your plans of venturing out in the cold and enjoying the winters to their fullest. Stop worrying about your skin problems because here are the ways you can tackle dull and rough skin and get your glowing skin back.

Wash With A Gentle Cleanser:

Your skin remains quite dehydrated throughout the day and using cleansers can just strip the skin off whatever moisture is retained. Therefore, it is important to use a gentle cleanser that helps to preserve your natural oils and makes your skin feel more dehydrated and moisturised.

Gentle cleansers enriched with the goodness of naturally hydrating ingredients like aloe vera or hyaluronic acid can serve this purpose.


When skin becomes dry, it becomes flaky which is why it is crucial to exfoliate. The process of exfoliating can get rid of the dead skin cells and encourage healthy-looking skin hidden deep beneath the skin’s layer. Exfoliation can be incredibly drying to your skin if done frequently. Therefore, it is advisable to do so only once a week or once in two weeks during the winter season.

Additionally, in order to prevent micro-cuts that can easily be formed on your dry skin while exfoliating in the dry weather, don’t use exfoliators with harsh granules in them and opt for hydrating or revitalising scrubs with glycolic acid, rose honey or cucumbers in it.

Apply A Vitamin C Serum:

The ideal step in a normal skincare routine would be to go for a toner before you get on with serum but toners can be extremely drying due to their astrient properties. Therefore, opt for a Vitamin C serum directly that functions well to treat a myriad of skincare woes like reducing acne, diminishing the free radical damage due to excessive sun exposure and consequent problems like tanning and ageing. Since it also helps in reducing dryness, the risk of formation of wrinkles due to the same is visibly reduced.

Use a Vitamin C serum at night so it has plenty of time to seep in your skin while you are resting and work its way towards repairing the skin cells and promoting skin cell turnover.


Perhaps the most important part of your winter regime has to be to understand what kind of moisturiser you use and when. Make sure you use a good moisturiser because in this weather skipping over this step simply isn’t an option. Your skin can also start feeling really dry throughout the day and reapplying the moisturiser can be of help, so don’t forget to carry it with you at all times.

To ensure you make the most of your moisturisation routine and that your skin really gets hydrated enough, apply your moisturising cream or lotion right when you get out of the shower when your body is still a little damp to lock in as much moisture as you can.

Double On The Hydration:

If your skin is really dry or if you just happen to live where the winters get harsh, don’t forget to double on the moisturisation. Using night creams that lock in the hydration while you sleep or hydrating oils that give your face a dewy look and packs in more moisture can be game-changers when it comes to fighting off dry skin.

If you’re worried about hydration throughout the night, you can also use an overnight sleeping mask which is essentially just creams that act as a barrier to your skin thereby preventing moisture from escaping.

As long as you have these steps locked in, your winters will be as comfortable as never before because don’t forget that your winters can be exciting too. After all, sipping hot cups of coffee, bundling up in blankets and reading books and big, fluffy, cozy sweaters are the true essences of winter. So with the steps we mentioned just above, as long as you provide your skin with enough nourishment and care, you can have a happy, safe and hopefully the warmest of your winter wonderland.

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