Swipe Right on Correct Habits

Swipe Right on Correct Habits

It’s 3 AM and you are deep into your midnight binge session. You want to sleep, but you can’t bring yourself to stop watching. “Just one more,” you promise yourself. As someone who realises the implications of your actions, you find it incredibly challenging to not give into your bad habits. Whether its midnight binge watching or mid-day snacking, bad habits are hard to break.

They require a force of willpower and not being able to muster the same can faze your self-esteem.

However, for a generation that swipes left and right on a dating app, is it possible to swap out our bad habits for good ones? Probably yes.

We have compiled a list of a few examples that are easy, simple and can be done with a little willpower:

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Avoid Checking Your Phone


Getting Rid Of These Bad Habits Will Help You Become A Better Person

1. Avoid Checking Your Phone:

What’s the first thing you do as soon as you wake up? You check your phone. That is also ironically the last thing one does before falling asleep as well.

Surfing through Instagram, replying to good morning messages on WhatsApp and checking your emails are things you do while sitting on the bed to feel connected.

But doctors say that going through your phone first thing in the morning, interferes with your brain’s ability to prioritize your tasks. The information overload that hits you, puts the brain in a confused state and makes you worry about things that may not need urgent attention.

Instead, you can adopt the practice of maintaining a daily journal and drink some nice, warm tea with it. It is also an efficacious way to feel connected back to the world and prioritize what's important.

2. Replace Your Coffee: 

A nice hot cup of coffee is considered to be the perfect way to kickstart anyone’s day. But as the day progresses, we seldom keep count of the number of coffees we drink. One after reaching office, one after lunch, one in the evening and sometimes one even during a boring client meeting. So much coffee means a higher caffeine content in your body, along with the added sugar.

This can cause high blood pressure and in future, lead to heart problems. It can also trigger dizziness and headaches. In such a scenario, replacing your coffee with a smoothie or cup of green tea is advisable. It helps improve productivity and concentration, all the while keeping your health in check.

3. Food Distraction:

Have you noticed how you suddenly decide you are hungry and want to order some food, simply because you are bored? Snacking is a practice to distract oneself from work. But it’s not good and can cause problems like acidity and indigestion. Instead of mindless snacking, take a quick break to sit and meditate. Or simply add a few healthy snacks like a banana and orange to your grocery list and eat it when the hunger pangs hit.

You can also add a few drops of pure essential oil to your room freshener and it will help you alleviate your mood instantly. Not only will it put a break to your random craving for food, but also put your mind at ease.

4.Replace Smoking & Drinking:

We all know how it feels to be stressed after working at a stretch for a long time and are guilty of occasionally taking smoking and drinking breaks during a hectic week, even after knowing their harmful effects. It’s also known that smoking and drinking can affect our lungs and liver, causing damage to both in the long run.

You can substitute these practices by including activities like yoga, gym or running to overcome stress.

5. Give A Rest to Your Eyes:

A tired day at work is often saved by watching a new series. But if it’s any good, one does not know how to stop! Without realising, one spends hours in front of the TV or laptop screen, without sleeping. Agreed, it helps to relax the mind and gives you some me time, but it also decreases your sleeping time.

This schedule needs to change. So, how about you forget binge watching and indulge in some soothing skin care regime instead? The nice, cold feeling of an eye mask or the satisfying pull of a sheet mask is perhaps what you need to relax yourself after a hectic day.

In case you are looking to adopt a soothing skin care range, Good Vibes is an Indian brand with all-natural beauty products that is sulphate and paraben free. They offer the best-in-class consumer experience through advanced packaging and formulation with efficacious products at affordable pricing.

Behaviour change is hard, so how about you trick your body into thinking that you are achieving the same goal, but only with a healthier approach? Once you learn how to play with the psychology of habits rather than against it, chances of you achieving success will be higher.

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