The cruelty-free approach to beauty

Goodvibes Cruelty free Approach Towards Beauty products

The rise in sustainable shopping practices and eco-friendly consciousness has compelled us to reflect on how animal by-products are incorporated in our day to day lives. This has pushed many brands to change their usual practices of animal testing and advance towards a more “Cruelty-Free” approach.

But what exactly does it mean to be cruelty free?

When a brand calls itself cruelty free, it means that the products and ingredients that it uses to make its products were NOT tested on any animals. In short, no animals were harmed in the making of the brand's products. Usually, such companies have a cruelty-free certificate that can be easily verified.


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization in the world, has set up an efficient database called Leaping Bunny where one can find authorised certification programmes and directories of approved companies.


Any company can receive a cruelty free certificate if The company or the supplier of that company have not tested their products on any animal, A time period of 5 years has lapsed preceding the date of application for accreditation.


Even so, how do we make sure that the product of a company claiming to be cruelty free without any prior testing done on animals, is safe to be used on ourselves? Usually, the brands or supply chains that claim to be cruelty free, rely on test results of past animal tests done by different organisations.


This assures us and them that their product is safe for human use. However, in recent times, the practice of vitro-testing or testing on cultured tissue cells is conducted, which simply means that a sample of tissue cells is collected from humans and the product test is conducted in a laboratory.


A lot of brands and companies these days have transitioned towards cruelty free, including H&M, The Body Shop, NYX, Burts & Bees, Good Vibes, among others.

These brands create innovative and new products by relying on modern, non-animal tests in combinaor rosehip serum which is also one of their best serums and are available domestically, as well as internationally.


What's great about the range of Good Vibes products is that they are all-natural beauty products available within an extremely affordable price range. It promises best-in-class experience in tertion with existing ingredients with an established history of safe use.


There are many sets of rules, regulations and laws defined by the global community to go cruelty-free. However, since 2013, India has banned the testing of cosmetic products on animals. Owing to this law, all homegrown and indigenous brands having natural beauty products are essentially cruelty-free.


Veganism And Cruelty-free Are The Same Thing?

So, does this mean that all cruelty free products are vegan too? Well, not necessarily.


The difference between the two is that while vegan goods do not have any animal products in them, they can be tested on animals, whereas cruelty free products aren’t tested on animals, but may have animal-derived ingredients, like wool or resin. So, when you go shopping the next time, make sure you check if the product is both cruelty free and vegan.


Why Choose Cruelty-free Products?

But why go cruelty free? From a fundamental perspective, it is because we have subjected animals to so many years of torture and abuse that it only seems fair now that we go cruelty free. Every living being has an equal right to free living and by testing harsh chemicals on animals, we are stealing them of that right.


Why Choose Good Vibes Products?

Good Vibes is a cruelty-free, vegan, Indian skin care brand that does not test on animals. It is accredited and enlisted on organisations like The products do not contain any sulphates, parabens or mineral oils. All its products are natural like their charcoal face mask ms of innovation, packaging and formulations.


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