Get The Perfect Bridal Glow On Your Wedding Day

Complete Guide To Bridal Facial For Glowing Skin

Get The Perfect Bridal Glow On Your Wedding Day

Facials are perhaps the most common treatment a bride loves to get before her wedding day. It is the perfect opportunity for her to get pampered and dolled up and the perfect way to get your skin prepared for the big day.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that eventually the beauty industry has been flooded with innumerable kinds of facials, each so characteristically different from the rest. So if you are a bride curious about how you must get your face ready for D-day, here’s a breakdown of the different facials available on the market and why you should get them.

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Which Facial Is Best For The Bride?

Fundamentally, facials provide deep cleansing to your face and allow the impurities to keep out of the pores. They also provide circulation to the tissues of your face allowing your cells a chance at renewed blood circulation and thus prompt cell turnover. But based on the nature and characteristics of facials, here’s how to select which one would work the best for you:

Skin type:

based on whether your skin is dry, oily or sensitive, get a facial to eliminate the problem. For example, people with dry skin type would generally want a moisturising deep clean that will take care of their dryness while getting rid of the dead skin cells from their skin.

Problematic areas:

based on your skin problems like pimples, blackheads or acne, get a facial which targets this issue and works to eliminate them so that your skin is clear and glowing on your wedding day.


based on the kinds of results you are hoping the facial will grant you. It can be for glowing skin, a brightened complexion or a natural glow.

Types Of Facials You Can Get:

The choice of your best bridal treatment is just one step away now. Choose from these 3 different ranges of bridal facials to get the bridal glow people will talk about on your wedding.

A. The Classics:

Generally, facials that a lot of brides would do without any of the complexities just to make sure that their face is glowing and void of all impurities. Here are the basic types in this:

Basic Cleanup:

We always underestimate the amount of dirt and grime that can actually seep into our pores and cause problems later on. Therefore, you can opt for this classic facial for weddings where your skin will be cleared off by steaming and then removing the dirt stuck in your pores and blackheads. It will then be followed by an exfoliation process that will take care of the dead skin cells and then moisturisation. This facial is the best for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin too because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals.

Acne Reduction:

Breakouts are the number one enemy of a bride especially since they somehow happen to sprout right in time for your wedding. Therefore, if you are someone who is worried about pimples on your wedding, this treatment specifically targets acne or at least helps to diminish them before your big day. It involves steam and exfoliation followed by treatment masks that usually contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid for acne reduction.

Golden Glow:

The much-coveted bridal glow is the one that everyone chooses and here’s how they get it. This golden glow facial uses particles of gold, a mineral that is known to provide multiple benefits like toxin removal, curing sunburn, eradicating pigmentation and improving blood circulation. The main reason people are so keen on getting this treatment done is because the effects of this facial last for a pretty long time.

B. New & Improved:

Based on the advancements in skincare and the beauty industry in general, brides and salons, in general, have resorted to more advanced types of facials. These facials in general treat deeper skin issues like acne or pigmentation.

Anti-tan & pigmentation:

If there's one thing we Indian girls know all too well, it is tanning and hyperpigmentation. While it is always advisable to wear sunscreen and not venture out in the sun without one, sun damage can still find its way to us. Therefore, this tan removal facial helps to remove dark spots and sunburn while the pigmentation can help achieve an even tone. The process usually involves exfoliation, applicator cream or bleach, peeling mask and a massage.

Collagen Facial:

If a bride is suffering from premature ageing, this is definitely the facial she should be getting. Collagen is quite well known to take care of fine lines and wrinkles and skin’s elasticity. Therefore, getting this treatment ensures that the collagen lost in everyday life is rebuilt, thereby rejuvenating the skin and giving it a youthful appearance. The treatment essentially involves using a collagen repairing mask that will promote skin’s elasticity.

Derma Facial:

Another chemical treatment to take care of your fine lines and wrinkles, treat pigmentation, tanning and melasma and to boost the skin with antioxidants. This is however a strong treatment that is usually recommended by a dermatologist only for severely pigmented skin. It is also repeated in a span of 3-4 weeks.

We have seen countless celebrities do “trendy” facials that are not only the next “new” thing in the market when it comes to skincare but also extremely effective and costly. Here’s what is in store for brides with respect to these “trendy” facials.

LED Facials:

Almost anybody can pick this facial with various advantages. It assists with lessening indications of ageing, bringing about gleaming and graceful skin which looks new and hydrated. It additionally eases up scars and breakout marks. During the facial, the face is presented to various hued laser lights, each having an alternate restorative impact on the skin. However, the main con of this treatment is that it is costly with a recurrence of 4 8 setups in a time of 4 two months.

Organic Facials:

Natural facials, utilizing regular items with skin agreeable organic products like papaya, banana, honey, lemon and green tea are famous among ladies with ordinary to dry skin. Green tea has antioxidants in it and furthermore incredible for eliminating tan. Papaya and honey go about as regular moisturising specialists. But in this case, consider any allergies you might have before you choose this treatment. For this facial, you can also consider the Good Vibes Skin Facial Kit because it also comes with natural ingredients only and helps in bringing all the natural gleam to your skin.

Additionally, you can also try the many facials from this range like the Pearl Skin Illuminating Kit or the Diamond Polishing Facial Kit that ensure your skin is glowing and healthy on your wedding day. The kits come in a pack of 4 having a cleanser, scrub, massage cream and face pack that will help you replicate your salon experience to the fullest from the comfort of your home.

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