6 Must have Monsoon Skincare Products For Healthy Skin & Hair

6 Must have Monsoon Skincare Products For Healthy Skin & Hair

Best monsoon skincare products from Good Vibes

Remember how fun it was as a child to enjoy the rainy showers, while chasing a paper boat or splashing in the rainy puddles? But grown-up life is so different and absolutely no fun and monsoons NOW mean endless worries about frizzy hair and the constant battle with acne. But that is just the price one has to pay for adulting and while it is true that monsoons make our skin and hair dull and lifeless, it is thanks to brands like Good Vibes, which helps us get monsoon ready with its monsoon essentials, which is a list of products that one will need during this weather. And what’s best is that they are all affordable and work perfectly.


You probably thought the days of exfoliation were behind you, as you left summer behind, didn’t you? Wrong! In fact, the skin invites more dirt, grime and oil during the monsoon season, owing to the fact that it’s a time when everything is wet. This dreadful mix of sweat and dirt, upon entering the pores, can cause a string of skin problems, including acne and blackheads. Exfoliation, therefore, acts like a saviour, and helps remove all the dirt away from your pores and gives your skin a clean, spotless face. Using an exfoliator once every three days is recommended for clear, glowing skin.

At Good Vibes, you can choose from a wide range of exfoliators, depending upon your skin type. For monsoons in particular, the Good Vibes Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Scrub and the Good Vibes Detoxifying Tea Tree Gel Scrub are the apt products that can help make your face cleaner than ever.

Clay Masks

Clay masks are another brilliant choice to add in your monsoon skincare and work wonders upon the skin in helping it get rid of impurities. Since bacteria can stay on your face longer in the monsoon, owing to the damp weather conditions all around, clay masks help in avoiding acne caused due to bacterial build up and also help in keeping away the excess moisture caused due to excessive humidity in the environment. These masks can be used once every week.

Good Vibes has an interesting range of clay masks, including their Volcanic Ash Mud Range that comes in four different colours, one pertaining to every skin issue i.e, clarifying, detoxifying, purifying and oil control. The other types include the Fuller Earth, Rose Clay, Dead Sea Mud, range. You can choose a mask depending upon your choice and need for experimentation, but one thing is for sure, they work like magic.


Didn’t we just go on and on about how damp the skin can get during monsoon? Yes, we did. Then why do we need a moisturiser in our rainy season skincare? That is simply because there is a huge difference between keeping the skin hydrated and keeping it damp. Hydration via moisturisation is the only way your skin can remain looking young. But, in order to avoid extra stickiness, always opt for light moisturisers during monsoons, that are non-oily and non-greasy on the face.

Good Vibes have a lot of mild face creams and light body lotions like their Good Vibes Hydrating Papaya Face Cream or the Good Vibes Aloe Vera Soothing Ultra Light Gel Body Lotion. In case you are someone with oily skin, you can also apply face gels like the Good Vibes Pomegranate Face Gel or the Good Vibes Orange Refreshing Face Gel.


The excessive humidity in the air during the monsoon season can also be a reason for various hair care problems. Since our hair does not dry completely, it may cause dandruff or extreme frizziness. Using a humidity controlling conditioner, that nourishes and deeply conditions can prevent your hair from fraying out. As for dandruff, a mild anti-dandruff shampoo will just do the trick.

You guessed it right, Good Vibes has exactly the products you are looking for. Using the Good Vibes Keratin Nourishing Shampoo after applying the hair mask from the same range can keep your hair in prime condition and prevent the frizz. Moreover, the Good Vibes Anti Dandruff Ginger Shampoo can also keep flaky and itchy scalp out of your way this monsoon.

Hair Mists

Our hair may get wet daily, every single day and without having the time to dry them properly or wash them again, they may start to smell. This is the perfect time to test the Good Vibes hair mist range. Not only are they extremely pocket friendly, but also make your hair smell nice and fragrant. You can carry a bottle of mist in your handbag and use it as soon as you reach the office to avoid oily hair.

Give the hair mists from Good Vibes a try for your hair and make it appear lustrous, wavy and gorgeous, anytime you want. And what’s more, they also have a Good Vibes Keratin Frizz Free Hair Mist, perfect for the monsoons when your hair begins to misbehave and refuses to stay in place.


Needless to say, the most natural and effective way to keep the hair from fraying is to oil them. Oils help tame the hair, providing them with necessary nourishment and conditioning to avoid frizzing due to the humidity. They also prevent hair fall and strengthen your hair follicles, so that no amount of wear and tear during the monsoon can spoil your tresses.

Good Vibes provides an assortment of cold pressed oils that deeply condition the scalp and takes care of all the hair fall worries. Using the Good Vibes Onion Hair Fall Control Oil or the Good Vibes Amla and Bhringraj Strengthening Oil, during the monsoon is the best way to tackle any hair related issues.

By far, these are one of the best monsoon skincare products one can look forward to. They are extremely effective, yet are affordable and come in different variants, akin to each and every skin and hair type. So, stop hunting for more and check out these crazy products on the Good Vibes official page, pronto!

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