Different Good Vibes Powders

5 Miraculous Good Vibes Natural Powders

We belong to a culture that has long been known to use products available at home as medical remedies for a variety of issues. Like using turmeric for bleeding cuts and in face masks or applying beetroot to naturally tint our lips, we have truly aced the meaning of “ghar ke nuske”. The busy life we lead may have set us back on this but as pandemic hit and doors to salons and parlours remain shut, we have dived into our old bag of tips and tricks of using homemade stuff to treat ailments for hair and face.

Good Vibes Powders are a perfect solution to this. These are powders made of special natural ingredients that help in protecting the skin to give it a glowing look and nourishing the hair. Let’s take a look at some powders from there that promise to make your skin and hair healthy.

Best Goodvibes Powder for Your Skin & Hair

Dead Sea Mud Powder:

Extracted from the Dead Sea located between Israel and Jordan, this powder helps in providing nourishment to the hair by strengthening its roots. It can be used by people who have damaged thin hair since it helps in regenerating hair follicles and thickens the hair in the process. As for skin benefits, the dead sea mud powder helps in tightening the pores and prevents breakouts and acne. It also treats blackheads and whiteheads thereby improving the overall texture of your skin. Pro-tip: Use it with water or curd as a face mask for healthy glowing skin. Apply it with aloe vera gel on your hair for best results.

Neem Leaves Powder:

The importance of neem leaves is mentioned in our traditions for being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The Good Vibes Neem powder comes equipped with vitamin E and helps to prevent dandruff and acne. The goodness of neem leaves helps in fighting head lice and itchiness caused due to dandruff. It also kills acne causing bacteria and fades their scars giving clear looking skin. Pro-tip: It can be used by all skin types by mixing water or toner in it. Good Vibes hair mask reviews suggest to use the powder with curd and then apply it on the head to get rid of dandruff and any itchiness caused due to the same.

Orange Rind Powder:

Orange Rinds or orange peels are rich in vitamin C and so is this powder. It helps the skin to de-tan and adds shine to the hair. It also prevents dandruff from hair loss prompting hair growth. The vitamin C present in the powder can help in increasing collagen production that would prevent sagging and slow premature aging, giving youthful looking skin. Pro-tip: Basically, this Good Vibes orange rind powder can be used as a scrub with water that would exfoliate the skin and dry out acne. Use with neem leaves or sandalwood powder or any other good vibes hair product when applying on the hair and then wash it off to achieve lustrous looking waves.


Rose Petals Powder:

This powder helps in reducing hair breakage and nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It aids in cleansing, toning, exfoliating and tightening the skin by controlling the oil production thus preventing acne. It also treats sunburns and removes tan from the skin. T his powder can be used by those who have extremely dry hair since rose petals help in strengthening the hair follicles and promoting hair growth.

Pro-tip: As a part of a good vibes hair mask, use it with coconut milk for dry dull hair. Adding the powder with some toner acts as an excellent face mask that gives radiant looking skin.


Sandalwood De-oiled Powder:

Sandalwood is a traditional ingredient found in almost every Indian household and is predominantly known for its cooling effects This powder similarly helps to cool down the scalp and helps to soothe inflamed skin. Owing to sandalwood's antibacterial properties, it can be used to fight acne, soothing sunburn and helps with dry skin and wrinkles. It nourishes dry hair and promotes hair growth. Pro-tip: Mix the powder with any oil of your liking and apply it on the scalp for a cooling effect, massage if you want. Adding the powder to milk or curd will have the same effect on your face.


These ingredients have been used in their original form in Ancient India and Ayurveda for a very long time and now Good Vibes brings them to you in a powdered format for ease of application and use. So don’t miss out on these and go buy them now!