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Top 5 Benefits of Skin Exfoliation & Why You Should Do It

How often has it been that you feel that the city’s pollution, stress and your everyday busy schedule has messed up your skin? Frequently, right? In fact, dirt and grime can easily settle on one’s skin, making it appear dull dry. It can also give rise to problems like acne and blackheads. And these problems are not that simple that will go away by simply washing the face alone, as this will do nothing to scrub off the fine particles that stick to your face. In such a scenario, it is important to EXFOLIATE the skin, every once in a while.


It’s a vital step in the skincare routine and should be done at least once a week. But before we talk any further, let’s understand what exfoliation does and exactly what it means.


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What Is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process of pulling out dead cells from the surface of your skin, using any chemical or granular substance. It’s true that the skin does replenish its dry, dead cells every 30 days or so, but if the process doesn’t happen somehow, it can result in dry patches around the face.


Exfoliation helps in clearing out the skin and helps with the overall appearance of the face.


There  Are Two Types Of Exfoliation:


In this method, one requires manual scrubbing or rubbing with the aid of external exfoliating tools, like scrubs, mitts, loofahs, and brushes, etc. The biggest advantage with this kind of exfoliation is that it can be easily done at home, and offers immediate results.



In this method, one makes the use of different chemicals, like hydroxy acids and retinol to renew the skin with enzymes. These can peel away the surface of your skin, giving way to a more evenly pigmented skin.

After figuring out what exfoliation actually does, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of exfoliating.


Top 5 Benefits of Exfoliation:

1 - Exfoliation Helps Unclog Pores

Exfoliation means clearing out all the dirt and grit out of your face, which also effectively helps in unclogging your pores. Through exfoliation, you undertake a process of scrubbing the skin clean of all the dry and dead skin cells, with the help of an exfoliator, and in this process, even the pores get cleaned. As a result, you get unclogged skin, free from stubborn blackheads and pimples.


2 - Exfoliation Prevents Acne

It’s a fact that dead skin cells seal the pores, and when oil is secreted from the glands, it has no way to reach the surface and as a result, gets stuck under the skin. This causes breakouts and acne. Exfoliation helps clearing out the dirt and as a result, helps prevent breakouts. However, this does not mean that one should scrub their skin raw or use a physical exfoliant that is way too harsh on the skin.


A non-abrasive exfoliating treatment helps in stimulating cell renewal and detaching dead skin cells from the face to improve the skin tone and texture.


3 - Exfoliation Helps Other Skincare Products Penetrate Deeper in Your Skin

One of the exfoliation benefits is that your skincare products work more effectively upon use. Dead skin cells or dirt tends to become a barrier between your skin and cream-based products like moisturizers, serums and toners. When you exfoliate, the skin becomes clear and void of any dead skin cells, dirt or grime, which means that skincare products will get absorbed more quickly and act more effectively.


4 - Exfoliation Helps Even Out The Skin Tone

It’s a known fact that dark spots, acne scars and blemishes are difficult to get rid of. When you exfoliate, you help break down these old, dry and dead skin cells and as a result, help improve the texture of your skin. Because the skin is constantly getting rid of dead skin cells, it also helps to increase the pace of cell turnover, which means you will have youthful, radiant looking skin for quite a long time.


5 - Exfoliation Helps In Collagen Synthesis

To understand this process, let us first recap what does exfoliate means? Exfoliation simply means to wash or rub any part of the body with a granular substance in order to remove dead skin cells. The word ‘rub’ here holds significance, because according to some researchers, rubbing your face with exfoliators might cause mild trauma, giving a much-needed kickstart to collagen production and keep the skin looking plum, tight and young. This process is akin to shocking the cells to produce more collagen, by increasing the blood supply to them.


How Do You Exfoliate Your Skin?

The process of exfoliation is pretty easy.

1. Just rub your exfoliant, either physical or chemical, in light circles around your face from your cheeks, nose and forehead up to the chin and neck.

2. Massage these areas slightly, to get rid of dirt-clogged in pores and to ensure more blood circulation.

3. Wash your face with water once done and continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

4. Also, remember, exfoliation should be the last step of your cleansing process.


Now that you know what exfoliation is, how to exfoliate your skin for a better and healthier skin, go ahead and make a place for it in your skin care routine!! And, in case you are looking for exfoliators, Good Vibes has an interesting range of scrubs and exfoliators, like the Activated Charcoal Scrub, Rose and Geranium Tightening Scrub, Pomegranate Brightening Scrub, Choco Coffee Glow Scrub, Papaya Rejuvenating Scrub and many more.


Each of these products is infused with the goodness of natural substances and gives the results akin to each of their benefits. Whether your skin is dull, tanned, rough or oily, Good Vibes range of scrubs tend to every skin concern.


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