Best Natural Face Toner For Sensitive Skin In India

Best Natural Face Toner For Sensitive Skin In India

If you have not realised it yet, taking care of sensitive skin requires you to go the extra mile. Besides creating a skincare routine that complements your skin type, you must also be aware of the triggering ingredients and choose products wisely. This applies to choosing your face toner as well.

Using a face toner is a highly fruitful and essential step in our skincare. However, most of us don’t realise its vitality and benefits in the skincare routine. Let’s go through the list of things to look for when choosing a toner for sensitive skin, the benefits of it, and browse through some of the best face toners for sensitive skin.

Face Toner For Sensitive Skin: What to Look For and Avoid?

If you have sensitive skin You have to look & avoid the below-given ingredients.

Things to Look:

  1. Beta-glucans
  2. Sea Whip
  3. Glycerin
  4. White Tea Extracts

Things to Avoid:

  1. Alcohol And Harsh Ingredients
  2.  Salicylic Acid And Chemical Preservatives
  3. Paraben And Mineral Oils
  4. Astringent Toners
  5. Synthetic Dyes And Flavours

Benefits of Face Toners for Sensitive Skin

In general, using face toners can provide numerous skin benefits and solutions to your skin problems. If you have sensitive skin, your face toner can soothe the irritation and redness of your skin and reduce the outbreak of acne and breakouts. 

Additionally, toners infused with ingredients like vitamin E and glycerol can help you effectively tackle sensitive and dry skin symptoms. Toners are also effective in removing the dirt and impurities that aren’t drawn out in the cleansing process of your skincare. They also provide a refreshing feel after every use.


Top Good Vibes Face Toners for Sensitive Skin

Although we have simplified the product selection process for you by providing you with a list of things to include and keep out, it still can be a tricky task. So, to make things further easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best good vibes toners for sensitive skin. They are:

1 - Good Vibes Tea Tree Cleansing Toner:

Good Vibes Tea Tree Cleansing Toner

This lightweight and alcohol-free face toner is ideal for balancing the skin’s pH levels and minimising the appearance of visible pores. The Good Vibes Tea Tree Cleansing Toner detoxifies the skin by deeply cleansing pores, and the antibacterial properties of tea tree inhibit the growth of acne-causing germs and bacteria. It is the best good vibes toner for sensitive skin.

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2 - Good Vibes Green Tea Glow Toner:

Good Vibes Green Tea Glow Toner

Infused with the beneficial properties of green tea, this face toner effectively reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes, enhancing skin complexion. The Good Vibes Green Tea Glow Toner’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness and irritation and soothe inflamed skin. The product is ideal if you want a natural toner for sensitive skin.

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3 - Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner:

Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner

The Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner is the best alcohol-free toner for sensitive skin available on the market. Infused with the benefits of rose and honey, it provides your skin with intense nourishment while soothing and reducing redness and irritation. The liquorice and pomegranate contents help improve the skin complexion and fight signs of ageing.

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4 - Good Vibes Liquorice Brightening Toner:

Good Vibes Liquorice Brightening Toner

Enriched with the goodness of liquorice, this face toner boosts hydration and nourishes your skin. It is effective in balancing the skin pH levels and controlling oil production. Known for its skin-brightening. antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the Good Vibes Liquorice Brightening Toner is the best face toner for sensitive skin.

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5 - Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner:

Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner

The Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner penetrates deeply into the skin and provides it with continuous hydration and a natural glow. It is the best toner for sensitive skin that also helps reduce the premature signs of ageing. The mulberry contents of the face toner are known to soothe inflamed skin and reduce the skin’s redness and irritation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Is toner good for sensitive skin?

Yes, toners can be beneficial for sensitive skin. They are primarily meant to soothe the skin. Additionally, if your toner contains ingredients like glycerin, tea tree and white tea extracts, it can provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


2 - What kind of toner is best for sensitive skin?

Any toner that does not contain astringent qualities is ideal for sensitive skin. If your product contains skin-friendly ingredients, it can have added benefits.


3 - Is alcohol-free toner good for sensitive skin?

Astringent toners can add to the adversities of your sensitive skin. Since alcohol is known to be a natural astringent, alcohol toners perfectly fit your skincare routine.


4 - Is rose water good for sensitive skin?

Rose water is known for its soothing properties. Therefore, toners containing rose water are beneficial if you have sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin and are thinking about what went wrong in your purchase of toners (a product that is supposed to soothe the skin), maybe the ingredients are at fault. Go through the list of ingredients and choose your toner for sensitive skin wisely. You can also select a product ideal for your skin type from the list of products mentioned above or choose from our wide range of products at Good Vibes.

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