Toners 101 Goodvibes Favorite Toners To Use In Your Daily Life

Toners 101 Goodvibes Favorite Toners To Use In Your Daily Life

Brightening, Glowing or Clarifying We Have A Toner For Your Every Need

When it comes to skincare, an elaborate regime isn't for everyone. However, cutting the corners can cost you the luminous look you have always longed for. So we suggest these 3 steps for a simple, minimalistic yet fulfilling skincare routine- Cleansing, Exfoliating and Toning. The first two steps seem fairly easy but, toning has been known to raise quite a lot of eyebrows ever since people heard that toners have alcohol in them which, for obvious reasons, can be bad for the skin. But, come on, it’s 2021 and skincare has evolved by leaps and bounds. So here we are, back at using this marvellous skincare product that not only neutralizes the pH balance of your face but also keeps the face clean and revitalised. We gathered some of the more prominent advantages of toner so you’d be certain to include this step in your skincare routine.

Benefits Of A Toner

Toners have been garnering a lot of attention ever since several of the TV stars and film personalities have sworn that the use of this product makes their face look younger and more polished. And it is true as well because toners have this astonishing quality of temporarily minimizing the appearance of pores and creating a smoother-looking appearance. Apart from that, toners also help to clean the dirt, oil and impurities more efficiently, adding this extra protective layer against environmental stressors. A toner also gives the skin a tighter feel and can act as an amazing rejuvenator. These are the reasons why Good Vibes created its range of makeup sulphate, paraben and alcohol-free, all-natural toners that will make your skin look young and radiant.

Types of Toner:

Licorice Brightening Toner:

If you want a toner to gently take care of your dark spots and hyperpigmentation, this should be your go-to product. Licorice is a natural brightening agent that effectively lightens the skin, shrinks large pores and balances the overall pH of the skin. Continuous use of this glowing toner will also ensure that your acne stays in control and give you smooth even-toned skin.

Rose Glow Toner:

There is a reason why rose has been used for centuries in the form of rose water. As a natural toner, rose is gentle thereby, making sure to retain the moisture of the skin and maintaining its pH value. Regular use is assured to prevent acne caused by clogged pores and smoothens the skin by minimising the appearance of wrinkles. It also temporarily tightens the skin and provides all the greatest benefits of toner in one bottle making it the best face toner for glowing skin.

Rosehip Clarifying Toner:

Rosehip is known for its potent antioxidants that are highly effective against skin concerns like premature ageing and work towards reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a clarifying skin glow tonic, it sloughs off dirt, oil and impurities stuck in the pores and makes the skin visibly clear. Its antioxidants properties neutralize the effect of free radicals making the skin look younger and fresher with every use.

Avocado Clarifying Toner:

Another way to enjoy avocados other than on your toasts is by using this glowing skin toner. This lightweight face toner enriched with the antioxidants from avocados helps in improving skin elasticity, soothe inflamed skin due to acne and prevent any skin irritation. Being a rich source of vitamin E, they also make sure that your skin is moisturised enough and can be used by those who have a dry skin type.

Honey Glow Toner:

Honey is one of nature’s most sacred ingredients. The antibacterial properties of honey inhibit the growth of acne, which makes the skin void of any breakouts. It is also a natural humectant and provides the necessary moisturising effect. Therefore, honey works for all skin types. Other additive ingredients like rose and mulberry impart a subtle glow to the skin making it one of the best toners for glowing skin.

Surely this must have encouraged you to take a look at these amazing toners from Good Vibes and encouraged you to buy one of them. Well, hop on to the Good Vibes page and be surprised by their marvellous range of toners and other skincare products. As a brand that emphasises natural products, their unique sets of ingredients along with their benefits will make you want these products as soon as possible. So go ahead and get the best for your skin, now!

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