Good Vibes Gel - Orange (300 g)

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Product Highlights

Crafted with passion, skill, fresh ingredients and skin expertise. The Good Vibes Orange Gel helps you get radiant and glowing skin. After all in life, all you need is Love; hydrated, soft skin and Good Vibes!


  • Acne & Pimples

  • All Hair Types

  • All Skin Types

  • Blackheads

  • Blemishes

  • Dark Spots

  • Dry Hair

  • Dry Skin

  • Dullness

  • Frizzy Hair

  • Hair Loss

  • Signs Of Ageing

  • Wrinkles


  • Anti-Acne

  • Anti-Ageing

  • Blackhead Removal

  • Hair Growth

  • Hydrating

  • Moisturizing

  • Nourishing

  • Rejuvenating

  • Skin Brightening

  • Skin Firming

  • Skin Lightening

  • Skin Radiance

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Orange,Orange Blossom,Orange Oil,Orange Peel,Vitamin C


Anti-Acne,Anti-Ageing,Blackhead Removal,Hair Growth,Hydrating,Moisturizing,Nourishing,Rejuvenating,Skin Brightening,Skin Firming,Skin Lightening,Skin Radiance

Hair Concern

Frizzy Hair,Hair Loss

Hair Type

All Hair Types,Dry Hair


Good Vibes Gel

Skin Concern

Acne & Pimples,Blackheads,Blemishes,Dark Spots,Dullness,Signs Of Ageing,Wrinkles

Skin Type

All Skin Types,Dry Skin


Cruelty Free


  • The Good Vibes Orange Gel helps treat dark spots and blemishes

  • Oranges have a high content of citric acid which is effective in drying away acne and gets rid of all toxins resulting in preventing future acne breakouts
  • Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C which improves the skin texture and colour
  • It also helps in restoring collagen in your body which is responsible for skin firming and prevents premature aging of skin
  • The Good Vibes Orange Gel is for all skin types but most beneficial for dry and dull skin
  • It will spruce up and brighten your dull skin
  • It also refines your pores and control oilness
  • The Good Vibes Orange Gel leaves you with a radiant skin making your skin firm and glowing