Good Vibes Skin Toning Body Scrub - Grapefruit & Coffee (100 g)

Rs. 215.00


Product Highlights

Treat yourself with Good Vibes Skin Toning Body Scrub. Mixed with Grapefruit and Coffee, it helps balance your skin's moisture levels while the Coffee in the formula helps give your skin a polished look. Together his combo helps in giving you an exfoliated and smooth skin to touch.


  • All Skin Types

  • Clogged Pores

  • Dead Skin Cells

  • Dullness

  • Flaky Skin

  • Stretch Marks


  • Deep Pore Cleansing

  • Light Weight

  • Maintains Elasticity

  • Moisturizing

  • Non-Drying

  • Oil Control

  • Skin Calming

  • Skin Exfoliation

  • Skin Radiance

  • Stimulating Circulation

  • Tones Skin

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Coffee,Cofffee,Grapefruit,Grapefruit Oil


Deep Pore Cleansing,Light Weight,Maintains Elasticity,Moisturizing,Non-Drying,Oil Control,Skin Calming,Skin Exfoliation,Skin Radiance,Stimulating Circulation,Tones Skin

Skin Concern

Clogged Pores,Dead Skin Cells,Dullness,Flaky Skin,Stretch Marks

Skin Type

All Skin Types


Cruelty Free,Paraben Free


  • Get naturally soft, smooth and radiant skin with Good Vibes Body Scrub

  • Its high-quality coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and help detoxify and brighten your skin from within
  • This scrub will also help you combat cellulite and gently get rid of dry and flaky dead skin cells
  • Packed with Coffee, it helps detoxify your skin and keep it squeaky clean
  • The coffee in the formula is filled with antimicrobial properties that may protect the skin against germs
  • Coffee in a scrub form makes for a great exfoliant
  • The scrub does not dissolve in water, which makes them good at scrubbing away dead skin cells
  • The granules are firm enough to remove dirt but soft to the skin
  • It is also antioxidant in nature which helps boost collagen levels and reduces the premature ageing of cells
  • It also helps boost blood circulation promoting soft skin
  • All this to give you a relaxed me time!