Good Vibes Skin Balancing Facial Oil - Jojoba (10 ml)

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Product Highlights

Good VIbes Skin Balancing Jojoba Facial Oil is made to make your skin clear. When applied externally, it makes sure to help control acne. It does that by controlling sebum production. It also helps by minimizing the appearance of scars.

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Jojoba Extract,Jojoba Oil


  • Treat your skin with the pureness of Good Vibes Skin Balancing Jojoba Facial Oil

  • It is made to keep your skin glowing and clear
  • Jojoba Oil helps in reducing sebum production which in turn controls acne
  • The anti-acne properties in the oil make sure to give you a clear looking face
  • It also help fade dark spots and scars caused by acne