Good Vibes Pure Essential Oil - Lemon (30 ml)

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Product Highlights

Lemon oil has an uplifting aroma that awakens the senses and gives clarity. It helps you to overcome fatigue, overwhelm and lack of enthusiasm. It also helps to clear self-doubt, limiting beliefs, stagnant energy and rigidness in the mind, heart and body.


  • Acne & Pimples

  • All Hair Types

  • All Skin Types

  • Baldness

  • Dandruff

  • Dullness

  • Fairness

  • Hair Breakage

  • Hair Loss

  • Pigmentation

  • Weak Hair


  • Anti-Acne

  • Dandruff Treatment

  • Hair Growth

  • Skin Calming

  • Skin Firming

  • Skin Radiance

  • Tan Removal

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Lemon,Lemon Citrus Oil,Lemon Oil,Vitamin C


Anti-Acne,Dandruff Treatment,Hair Growth,Skin Calming,Skin Firming,Skin Radiance,Tan Removal

Hair Concern

Baldness,Dandruff,Hair Breakage,Hair Loss,Weak Hair

Hair Type

All Hair Types


Good Vibes Lemon Range

Skin Concern

Acne & Pimples,Dullness,Fairness,Pigmentation

Skin Type

All Skin Types


Cruelty Free


  • Why it is good for you: For Skin Lemon essential oil has astringent properties that work as a facial toner and help to clear blackheads and dirt

  • The oil helps to fight acne scars and prevents new blemishes from forming
  • It helps to decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • It brightens the skin and reduces the formation of excess oil
  • It also helps to prevent premature ageing by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • For Hair: Lemon essential oil helps to remove excess sebum production from the scalp without stripping it of the required natural oils
  • It helps to tighten hair follicles promoting healthy hair
  • For Aromatherapy: The fragrance of lemon essential oil uplifts your mood and helps to overcome headaches
  • The aroma of the lemon oil promotes focus and clarity
  • It awakens the senses and clears the mind of distraction helping you to overcome confusion or doubt