Good Vibes Plus Skin Soothing + Softening Body Scrub - Green Apple + Cinnamon (50 g)

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Product Highlights

Polish your skin naturally with Good Vibes Plus Body Scrub. The scrubs exfoliation properties mixed with the goodness of natural ingredients is the best gift you can give your skin. The Green Apple in the formula makes your skin shine while nourishing it from within. The Cinnamon in the formula has skin lightening properties. It works towards fading away acne scars, blemishes, marks and dark spots.


  • All Skin Types

  • Dark Spots


  • Antibacterial

  • Gentle On Skin

  • Skin Exfoliation

  • Skin Whitening

  • Smooth Texture

  • Tan Removal

  • Tones Skin

  • Travel Friendly Packaging

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Cinnamon,Cinnamon Oil,Green Apple


Antibacterial,Gentle On Skin,Skin Exfoliation,Skin Whitening,Smooth Texture,Tan Removal,Tones Skin,Travel Friendly Packaging

Skin Concern

Dark Spots

Skin Type

All Skin Types


Cruelty Free


  • Indulge in the utmost beautiful level of self-care with Good Vibes Plus Body Scrub

  • Made out of natural ingredients it makes sure your skin stays hydrated and loved every time you use it
  • Along with making you feel relaxed, the ingredients involved make sure every speck of dirt and grime is washed off
  •  With the everyday hustle, your skin looks dull, feels suffocated by the pollution and dirt, and becomes rough
  • Good Vibes Plus Body Scrub exfoliates dead cells and helps get rid of age spots, tan and impurities
  • It polishes the skin and deep cleanses your pores so that your skin is smooth, glowing and breathes free
  • The perfectly sized particles are very effective yet gentle on your skin
  • Thanks to the ingredients mentioned, this scrub doesn' t dry out the skin and helps retain the moisture to keep your skin hydrated and nourished
  • It targets not only the most exposed areas of the body but also those hidden problem areas where the skin is easily darkened and becomes rough
  • Make your self-care days worth for you with Good Vibes Plus Body Scrubs, benefits of two natural ingredients in one - only for you and your skin

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