Good Vibes Perfumed Cream - Al Mubakkar (10 g)

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Another Arabic secret, Al Mubakhar is a very oriental/spicy fragrance. It starts out with a blast of saffron and rose. Embrace the scent of the oriental land with Good Vibes Al Mubakkar Perfumed Cream.

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Cruelty Free


  • Good Vibes Perfumed Creams have a more sensual feel than the average spray

  • they're buttery soft, linger on your skin for hours, and practically massage your pulse points with scent
  • Infused with Almond, Coconut and Sunflower Oil, it helps keep your pulse point hydrated
  • Plus, you can bring them in your carry-on during your next jaunt or leave them in your bag without weighing yourself down
  • The heavenly scents made sourced from natural ingredients don't harm your skin and make you smell desirable with every use
  • The invigorating scent lasts for a long time and will leave you wanting for more every single time