Good Vibes Hair Food - Argan (100 g)

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Product Highlights

Good Vibes Hair Food is here to give your hair the extra care it needs! The Argan in the formula makes sure to tame your frizz and helps keep your hair smooth and silky.


  • All Hair Types

  • Dry Hair

  • Dull Hair

  • Frizzy Hair


  • Enhancing Manageability

  • Hair Protection

  • Hair Repair

  • Silky Hair

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Argan,Argan Oil


Enhancing Manageability,Hair Protection,Hair Repair,Silky Hair

Hair Concern

Dull Hair,Frizzy Hair

Hair Type

All Hair Types,Dry Hair


Cruelty Free


  • Our hair forms our personality

  • A healthy mane is essential for a dame
  • Good Vibes Hair Food is formulated to deeply condition, strengthen dry and damaged hair
  • While Good Vibes Hair Food focuses on smoothing hair, the vitamins in Hair Food Formula provide more intensive treatment for longer lasting results
  • It contains nourishing vitamins to strengthen hair, while essential oils add shine and protein restores the structure
  • It is ideal for those with extremely dry hair and scalp, who are experiencing dandruff, frizz or frayed ends as a result of over-processing
  • It should only be used once a week as a restorative treatment due to its thick consistency

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