Good Vibes Brazilian Volcanic Red Clay Oil Control Face Scrub (50 g)

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Product Highlights

Good Vibes Brazilian Volcanic Red Clay Face Scrub is designed to help control oil production in the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, remove impurities and other toxins from it. It contains important minerals which help stimulate elastin production in skin, thus leaving it firm, clear and healthy!


  • Acne & Pimples

  • All Skin Types

  • Dead Skin Cells

  • Excess Oil

  • Loss Of Firmness/Elasticity

  • Skin Impurities


  • Cleansing Properties

  • Detoxifies Skin

  • Maintains Elasticity

  • Oil Control

  • Purifying

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Red Clay


Cleansing Properties,Detoxifies Skin,Maintains Elasticity,Oil Control,Purifying

Skin Concern

Acne & Pimples,Dead Skin Cells,Excess Oil,Loss Of Firmness/Elasticity,Skin Impurities

Skin Type

All Skin Types


Cruelty Free,Paraben Free,Sulfate Free


  • When you think about that one thing that can help you make your skin look younger and brighter, you can always count on Good Vibes Brazilian Volcanic Red Clay Oil Control Face Scrub

  • It contains iron oxide in it which helps detox your skin, soften it and also remove impurities, thus leaving your skin clear, healthy and glowing
  • It helps regulate excess sebum production in skin, absorb toxins and exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells, thus allowing your skin to breathe and leave it clear!