Good Vibes Natural Carrier Oil - Brahmi (50 ml)

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Product Highlights

Soured from the secrets of Ayurveda, Good Vibes Brahmi Oil is here. Typically made to be massaged into the scalp, it's created from extracts of the natural herbs making it the best option for your hair. Famously Brahmi oil is known to treat certain health conditions, as well as improve hair and skin.


  • Acne & Pimples

  • All Hair Types

  • All Skin Types

  • Dark Spots

  • Dullness

  • Flaky Skin

  • Free Radicals

  • Loss Of Firmness/Elasticity

  • Premature Greying

  • Signs Of Ageing

  • Split Ends

  • Stretch Marks

  • Wrinkles


  • Absorbs Easily

  • Anti-Acne

  • Anti-Ageing

  • Blurs Fine Lines

  • Dandruff Treatment

  • Hair Growth

  • Hair Repair

  • Hydrating

  • Light Weight

  • Maintains Elasticity

  • Moisturizing

  • Skin Cell Regeneration

  • Skin Firming

  • Stopping Hairfall

  • Strong Packaging

  • Travel Friendly Packaging

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Brahmi (Gotu Kola)


Absorbs Easily,Anti-Acne,Anti-Ageing,Blurs Fine Lines,Dandruff Treatment,Hair Growth,Hair Repair,Hydrating,Light Weight,Maintains Elasticity,Moisturizing,Skin Cell Regeneration,Skin Firming,Stopping Hairfall,Strong Packaging,Travel Friendly Packaging

Hair Concern

Premature Greying,Split Ends

Hair Type

All Hair Types

Skin Concern

Acne & Pimples,Dark Spots,Dullness,Flaky Skin,Free Radicals,Loss Of Firmness/Elasticity,Signs Of Ageing,Stretch Marks,Wrinkles

Skin Type

All Skin Types


Cruelty Free


  • Why is it good for you: When used on the skin, the presence of antioxidants in the Ayurvedic herb help to dispel toxins from the body, especially from the epithelium layer thus improves skin complexion and stimulates skin cell regeneration

  • It is also good for inner skin that lines the digestive tract, which supports the functions of healthy microbes
  • When used on hair, Applying this oil on the scalp is good to strengthen the hair follicles
  • Its massaging is beneficial in checking dandruff, itchiness, the formation of split ends and flakes
  •  The massage of hot Brahmi oil provides proper nutrients to the hair follicles, thus invigorating the hair growth
  •  Brahmi oil is rich in biochemical compounds in the form of antioxidants
  • The massage with this oil treats temporary or permanent baldness