Good Vibes Amla Candy (100 g)

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Product Highlights

NOM..NOM..NOM! Skipped a meal? or just bored and feel like munching? Then don't settle for unhealthy bites. Enjoy the nutritious love of fruits on the go. Munch on your favorite fruit turned candies from Good Vibes! Rich in vitamin c and antioxidants, Amlas help boost your immune system, maintain the health of the bones and keep your hair healthy while also pacifying your sweet tooth. After all, all you ever need in life is love, good health & Good Vibes!!


  • Antioxidants

  • Nourishing

  • Rich in Vitamin C

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Amla,Amla Oil


Antioxidants,Nourishing,Rich in Vitamin C


Natural,No Artificial Flavour,No GMO


  • Healthy and tasty, Good Vibes Amla Candy is made to nourish your health and satisfy your sweet tooth

  • Amlas are rich in vitamin c and antioxidants which help boost your health
  • It aids in boosting your immunity, helps maintain the bone health and also keep your hair healthy
  • A tasty quick snack to munch on during your hunger cravings
  • Made with the pulp of fruits containing various nutrients and crafted in the form of candies to satisfy your sweet cravings as well as benefit your body in a healthy way